A 35-year-old man cheats on his wife’s best friend and destroys four families

Foreword: marriage happiness of people don’t have the heart to let suffer the other half, only those who are not happy marriage, always hope the other half is also the pain, a man to cheat, the wife of the best girlfriends, discovered by his wife, his wife should take revenge, will only increase the contradiction between husband and wife, let’s take a look at what happened in the story.Li readme: hello, hello, I’m 35 years old, I was born in an ordinary family, is a manager of a company, is relatively substantial income, family is also relatively richer, at least not eating sorrow drink, my wife and I have been married for many years, two people already did not have the past passion, is the state of life now, each have each, each other is not disturbed,I had no interest in his affairs, except for the child’s, and he had no interest in mine, and we became “brothers.”Network pictures, for reference only workplace rules are also known to me as a manager of a company, also will be more or less have some bad temptation, but I never met a woman who I impulse, know my wife’s best friend the little beauty into my life, then my woman and I was still in love, we often play together,So we are familiar with each other, he is more beautiful than my wife, the figure is better than my wife, gentle and considerate, generous and so on.Compared to my wife and he is a heaven and an underground, my house is large, I don’t know what the reason, small beautiful divorced, but also refused to return to, the last desperate he found a husband and wife, we finally decided to let him stay in my house, also since he stay in my house, I found that his life is full of emotion,And he also drove me to the life yearning for life, for one of the most simple example, every time when my wife do household chores, cooing all there said I, the mood is complaining, and small beauty is where there are beautiful music, his mouth humming melody, where do household chores, the mood is good, and I was he drives into the melody of music.Network pictures, for reference only and small beauty is also good at dress up oneself, every time go out is makeup, elaborate dress up, and my wife is washing her face is respect for going out, go grab clothes to put on, a typical woman man, time is long, the two of us also gradually in love, another time, when I was on a business trip, my wife also just want to return to,So I went with the kids, but halfway through my client changed his mind, so it was just me and Amy.That night, while the two of us is not strange, but also seemed so strange, I fired several specialty, and to prepare a bottle of good wine, this through and I said to him, I have been afraid to say hello beautiful, I wish my wife had half your pretty good, little beauty also don’t talk, is shy lower the head, at that moment, he is very gentle,Like a bird, I finally resisted the urge to kiss her, and he didn’t object, so eventually we crossed the line that night.Network pictures, for reference only after days, I kept an affair with her, with her after, my mood is also much better, I feel I have her, even if have all over the world, eventually becoming open the floodgates, secretly dating, and leave her out, and so on all kinds of excuses, just for the sake of dating small beauty, finally I found, was my wifeBut my wife’s practice makes me unexpectedly, I also did not think to block all responsibility on me, let her let small beauty, but she did not cry and do not make, I thought it was over like this, did not expect the next day she ran to small beauty’s company.And also find the parents of small beauty, after the parents know little beauty, on the spot gas into the hospital, but I don’t know what to say, everything is wrong in my first, I also know that I did not say in front of my wife, but I finally made up his mind to divorce her, but he was deleted I slap, says you think divorce can solve everything now?I tell you, it is impossible, so the days that followed, I want to see his face everywhere, no status, this I really can’t stand, go to my parents, says understand all this, and my parents also forgive me and intercede and intend to go to my wife, but my wife like a bitch, don’t respect them.Network pictures are for reference only, eventually, my parents also in the hospital, in the end I found my father-in-law mother-in-law also desperate and prepared to let them plead for me, I thought they are know, but that I can think of is my wife, since no tell them, after they explain everything, and I did they know, they also shouted at me,But I already don’t care, I just want to finish the marriage, but my wife found me the next day, was released from the hospital, said his parents also asked me satisfied, I didn’t know, because of his impulse, a jolly, unexpectedly destroyed four families, if I go back in time, I would never do such a thing.Conclusion: men are visual animals, Mr Li and his wife is the greatest of faults is shouldn’t let the little beauty in his house, and second, the main reason is because Mr. Li’s wife in Mr. Li’s eyes, is a slovenly woman, still have complained that her, although the family, but due to complain, have long forgotten, although Mr Lee’s wife such practices are fair and reasonable,But this will only increase the conflict between the couple, not solve it, do you think?Welcome to leave a message in the comment section well, today’s story must be here, you can be bad, but you can not learn bad, life is full of not easy, we don’t need to embarrass themselves for life, forget those unhappy, today is a new you, I am binbin, looking forward to your attention.

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