Zhou Qi joined NBL Phoenix Team, how is the situation?No possession, team owner angry!

As we all know, zhou Qi has been absent from the CBA this season.His move to Australia to play in the NBL and join the Southeast Melbourne Phoenix is definitely a very positive sign.On the one hand, he was not satisfied with Xinjiang. On the other hand, he wanted to try to play at a higher level. It was difficult to step out of his comfort zone, but Zhou qi bravely took this step.At the very beginning, the new team and teammates gave Zhou full support, including the team’s big brother, Rick, who was very concerned about Zhou’s life in Australia.On and off the court, he will also actively explain tactics and habits to Zhou qi, all in the hope that Zhou qi will quickly integrate into the team.Zhou has also dazzled teammates and fans with his strength, adding to the team with his length, wingspan and athleticism.But in a regular-season game that just ended, the Southeast Melbourne Phoenix lost to the Sydney Kings 87-92.The outcome aside, the process alone was a bit of a pain to watch, especially for the Phoenix and Zhou fans.In terms of results, Zhou made 1 of 2 shots, 3 of 6 free throws, five points, 10 rebounds and one steal in 21 minutes.This data can only say in the norm, but it is not entirely Zhou Qi’s strength.This group of teammates, especially the guard, that is really not a penalty kick ah, Zhou Qi’s points are basically rely on their own to scramble for offensive rebounds after the rebound.In addition, he really can’t get the guard to pass to him, to the guard after the pick and roll is a straight three point shot, don’t make it.Due to the absence of the former coach of the team, the current coach is the acting coach, who does not trust Zhou Qi at all. The boss of Phoenix Team was on the sidelines of the two games. It is said that the coach has talked with the coaching team after the game about the fact that the acting coach did not use Zhou Qi boldly.Running back and forth with the guard?That’s not why Zhou qi came to Australia.

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