The withdrawal of the classic oral contraceptive momflon, Merck spin-off listed Ogalon accelerated to regain the Chinese market

Marvelon® is a well-known emergency oral contraceptive in The Chinese market, which once occupied half of the domestic short-acting contraceptive market.On Tuesday evening, OgALon (NYSE: OGN) announced that it has withdrawn from Bayer the business rights of two oral hormone contraceptive combination products, Maflon ® and Xinmaflon ®, in China, including Hong Kong and Macau;And has reached an agreement to obtain the business interests of the above products in Vietnam.As of this recall, the two products have been returned to Ogalon from more than 20 other markets around the world, and Ogalon has full ownership of the two products, which are manufactured and marketed as prescription oral contraceptives.It entered China in 1994, went through more than 20 years, changed its owner three times, and finally returned to China.The return of Maflon ® will further complete the company’s contraceptive portfolio and strengthen its leading position in women’s health.Originally founded in 1923, THE company entered pharmaceutical giant MSD through a merger in 2009. It became independent from MSD in 2021 and went public on the New York Stock Exchange in early June 2021.The two contraceptives were sold to Bayer in 2014 as part of Merck’s consumer health business.Now, by regaining regional interests, ORGalon will have global ownership of the two products, excluding South Korea.Currently focused on women’s health, Orgalon is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, with approximately 9,000 employees worldwide and a global portfolio of more than 60 medicines and medical solutions covering a range of key disease treatment areas.Maflon ® is the first otc drug of Eugalon in China and a classic brand in the field.Currently, customers in mainland China market can purchase momflon ® in the form of over-the-counter, and there are two products of Momflon ® and Xinmomflon ® available for purchase in Hong Kong and Macao.But Ma Flon ® and Shin Flon ® are not sold in the United States.After Mafuron ®, Ogalon also introduced IMPLANON, the first single IMPLANON implant, NUVARING, the first monthly contraceptive ring, and NEXPLANON, the first and currently the only single opaque implant with a preinstalled applicator.According to IQVIA, NEXPLANON is currently the second largest hormonal contraceptive in the world, with a compound annual growth rate of 9% prior to COVID-19.Ogalon’s women’s health revenue reached $819 million in 2020, with the largest share coming from contraception.Nexplanon, a subcutaneous implantable, long-acting, reversible contraceptive, brought in $700 million.In the fertility sector, the company’s representative drugs include Elonva, recombinant follicle-stimulating hormone O -F and Follistim, which together contributed nearly $200 million in revenue in 2020.Eugalon’s classic products also include propecia (finastride), a classic treatment for androgenetic alopecia.The area of women’s health in Ogalon covers both reproductive areas such as conception, contraception and childbirth, as well as extended areas such as menopause syndrome and osteoporosis for women over 50.On July 20, 2021, Olkalon Senior Vice President and President of China Region of Olkalon Shi Wan and the management team of China region of Olkalon made an official appearance in Shanghai, marking the official launch of Olkalon China market.At the opening ceremony, Schwan said that China is one of the most important markets for ORGalon in the world.The liberalization of China’s three-child policy has brought new opportunities to the market including assisted reproduction.At present, the incidence of infertility in China is about 15.5 percent, and the number is still rising.China is an important point for EUgalon to strengthen its global fertility business.In addition, Ogalon is actively exploring opportunities to collaborate with biopharmaceutical innovators. Ogalon China has submitted an innovative drug application in the second quarter of 2021.With the return of Ma Fulon ® and Xin Ma Fulon ® to the Chinese market.O ‘Galon is also accelerating its return to the Chinese market.

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