The “top 10 Bridge Figures of the Year 2021-2022” contest has been officially launched

Bridge and culture coexist, and bridge culture is the spiritual soul of bridge.Generations of bridge builders with their diligence, wisdom, sweat, tears and selfless dedication, promote the great development of China’s bridge construction, and a fresh figure is the carrier of bridge culture and spirit.”Bridge” magazine has been carrying out the selection of the top 10 People on Bridges every two years since 2012 for ten years.This is because the bridge industry needs such a group of people to tell the world that behind every project there is a constant rhythm of bridge life.The footnotes and stories of every bridge-man are worth remembering, and every bridge-man deserves to be respected.Through the stories of these people, the spirit of the bridge industry can be carried forward, so that the industry is more cohesive, more able to give play to everyone’s enthusiasm, so that the bridge people have a sense of honor, identity and sense of mission.Through these outstanding figures, enterprises and even the industry are more active and dynamic, so as to promote the progress and development of Chinese Bridges.Therefore, we select those influential, innovative, driving force and cultural transmission power, so that these bridge figures become a group of bridge culture and spirit a miniature to drive and influence the Chinese bridge industry, so as to accelerate the pace of Chinese bridge to the center of the international stage.Bridges need to inherit history and civilization, promote communication and development, and show culture and spirit. Through selection activities, we show the excellent achievements and cultural heritage of Chinese bridge construction to the society in multiple levels and forms, and show the spiritual world of contemporary bridge people.Industry development needs us to inherit the spirit of the bridge fireworks, cultural fireworks.The “Top ten Bridge Figures” of all previous Bridges cover all aspects of bridge construction management, design, construction, supervision, processing and manufacturing, scientific research and teaching, and is the link of “one bridge, multiple parties, whole industry chain”, a banner to carry forward Chinese bridge culture, and a pioneer of The Times in scientific and technological innovation.There are a number of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and national engineering survey and design masters in all the previous “bridge figures”. They are writing fresh “Chinese stories” of their personal and Chinese Bridges, showing the eternal essence of Chinese bridge culture — “merit view, national soul and sense of mission”.Welcome to be a candidate for this year’s top 10 Bridge Figures.Let more bridge people pass on the spirit of bridge through your story, and let Chinese bridge go to a broader world stage through your communication power.Address: No. 17, Nanlishi Road, Xicheng District, Beijing, China organizing Committee of Bridge Magazine Contact: Chen Liangru 13825639233 han Yang 13164240753 Guo Hailong website: Contact: Li Boyang 18601025686 (same as wechat) wechat official account:

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