Mogrong Group Chongqing Huazhisheng takes talent revitalization as the foundation and practices social responsibility with the public welfare trip

To promote rural vitalization, talent is the guarantee, and the development of rural vitalization strategy cannot be achieved without strong talent support.Chongqing Huzhisheng Mogrong Group is a newly established company, but it has been paying attention to the development of rural education, because it knows that education is the fundamental way to realize the eradication of poverty among poor groups and the intergenerational transmission of poverty.In the past two years, Chongqing Huzhisheng Mogrong Group has continuously helped the development of rural revitalization in the form of public welfare.In July 2020, Mugrong Group gathered a group of caring people to participate in the “Rural revitalization targeted poverty alleviation” organized by the Publicity Department of Yuzhong District – “Four Seasons sunshine” psychological accompany volunteer mountain tour activity.In this activity, volunteers brought food and oil, quilts, clothes, brushes and other life, learning supplies, and sent to Xiushan County Pass town Pingsuo village, Liangqiao village, Sun mountain village, Ba Mang village 8 poor students home.At the same time, volunteers also carried out psychological counseling for the students, a comprehensive understanding of their life and study, let them feel the care from the society.Last year, animal husbandry financial group in chongqing of China win also carried out the “care for children, send warm” activities, He Hao Li Yiyuan in general manager li ning, vice President, director, came to xinhua elementary school, the stone forest secondary school, civil rights, for the children brought a warm winter clothes, new shoes and abundant books, but also for the children New Year red envelopes,Let them feel a different kind of warmth in this winter.In fact, the most important significance of this activity lies in the transmission of love, which drives more caring people in the society to invest in rural construction, forming a positive energy.Talent is now playing an increasingly important role in the rural revitalization strategy, which requires the participation of all sectors of society.In the future, Murong Group Chongqing Huazhisheng will continue to innovate the new model of financial assistance and help rural talent revitalization to flourish.

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