Jay Chou’s wife Hannah Quinlivan is pregnant with her third child.Bask in super crazy element yan zhao, on the circumference surging!

Jay Chou, 43, and Hannah Quinlivan have been married for seven years. They have daughter Hathway, 6, and son Romeo, 3.When the couple announced the arrival of their third child in mid-January, the Internet took notice.Hannah Quinlivan recently posted a makeup-free selfie on Her Instagram Story, and in addition to looking great, her physique has also grown dramatically.Hannah quinlivan’s every move since she became pregnant with her three children has attracted much attention.In a selfie posted to Her Instagram Story on Sunday, she showed off her watery eyes and baby face in a gray sweater.Because of the pregnancy, her upper circumference also became proud than in the past, her arms are still fine, pregnancy is in excellent condition, completely can not tell that she is a pregnant woman.

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