For more than 6,800 people a year, 580 couples get married

By February 18, 2022, more than 6,800 older people in Jinan, Shandong province, had registered with Zhao Hui’s “Dama Help Group”.Most of them are older and single, and they heard about the “dama gang” from various sources.Zhao Hui, 60, is the community’s comprehensive Party secretary and director of the neighborhood committee.In his spare time, he changed into a community “help group matchmaker”.”Don’t worry if you don’t have a date, I’ll send it to you,” said Zhao Hui, who will continue to help older young people get rid of their single marriage after retirement.On February 12, Mr. Tian came to the community of Yuhan South District, Jinan city, to participate in a special offline social activity.The leading role of this activity is 20 elderly single young men and women, activities, the two sides were separated by two rows.After self-introduction and preliminary understanding, if both parties have a good impression, they can exchange contact information and further contact.Mr. Tian is also an older single young man who participated in this activity. He told a reporter that he had found his favorite girl in this activity.Luckily, the girls have feelings for him, too.So, after the event, the two quickly exchanged contact information and are now going further.”I was in the TV program to learn about the big mom help group,” Mr. Tian said, holding a try mentality, came to the community to register, did not expect really received the activity notice, more did not expect that they really met the right girl here.Another, Mr. Zhang, also found a love interest with the help of the dama group.Mr. Zhang told the news reporter that his work pressure, the pace of life is also fast, it is difficult to spare time to meet the opposite sex friends.”I want to be in a relationship, but I don’t have the opportunity or energy.”Mr. Zhang said.Zhang and Fu met at offline events with the help of the dama group, and their wedding will be held on May 20 this year.”I am very grateful to all the aunts here. It is the aunts group that has given us such a good platform that we can use this platform to find our partners.”In Mr. Zhang’s opinion, the dama group, which helps young people to get rid of single for free, has done a better job than other matchmaking agencies in the society, and his love is more memorable because of the dama’s meticulous help.Zhao Hui (right) for the elderly single youth introduction activities for a year of 6,800 people pull 580 couples of marriage initiated by the elderly help group is yuhan South District community comprehensive Party secretary, director of the neighborhood committee Zhao Hui, this year has been 60 years old, she pays special attention to the marriage problems of older youth.”We visited and found that many older people in the community are single,” Zhao said.”At that time, a guy said on the Internet, when the country will give himself a target.”Zhao hui said she saw a joke on the Internet by chance and began to think whether she, as a grassroots official, could help a group of single youth.Without further ado, Zhao hui organized the first community dating sodality in 2021 by mobilizing the community’s help group aunts.Also hit a resounding slogan: no object don’t worry, help group aunt send you!Since then, community grannies have started “community matchmakers”.Every Saturday morning, damas hold offline social activities for single youth.Young people only need to register their basic information and requirements for a mate with the community support group.The grannies then collate and compare the information and offer them a chance to meet.Zhao Hui told reporters that there had been a 41-year-old middle-aged man, under the leadership of his mother came to Ji ‘nan to look for her, hoping to find an object with the help of the granny group.”His mother brought him from quite a distance, on crutches.His mother would kneel down as soon as I entered.”Zhao said the family impressed her and made her more determined to help young people out of their single lives.Gradually, yuhan southern district community dama help group fire, every day to register information in an endless stream of young people, dama’s wechat is also constantly receiving new friend applications.There are even older single youth from Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and even the United States and Australia.”We also make rules and regulations with young people who come for blind dates,” zhao said, adding that currently the group only focuses on marriage among older people.Second, the old woman is only responsible for building Bridges, and the subsequent relationship depends on the wishes of both parties.In the end, each person is given only three chances, and if he or she fails to find a suitable match after three chances, the group will give priority to others.At present, there are 20 members of dama help group, and they have also started to learn Douyin live streaming, hoping to expand the influence of the group to help more people.As of February 18, more than 6,800 elderly people have registered their information and 580 young couples have gotten married through the center.”As long as my body allows, my work allows, everything allows, I will continue to do it.”Zhao Hui said.Statement from WJZ: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. 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