5 years ago the classic choked love drama, male master finally to accept Japanese, former girlfriend pregnant return

To say that the male hero killed himself to lose the love of this life, 5 years ago this “Spring Breeze ten miles as you” should be quite fit, absolutely counted as the classic choked love drama, every minute every second can be male hero gas to rage!Male hero Qiushui clearly on female Xiao Hong is love at first sight, but the first few years of death do not admit, several ambiguous qiushui oneself cut off, in order to let oneself completely forget Xiao Hong, to her broken thought, Qiushui began to turn to another interesting woman to oneself, Zhao Yingnan.In the cognition of autumn waters, ying-nan zhao is that everyone will like of girl, good learning, good family, or the class cadre, everyone idea of a good girlfriend, and XiaoHong is everybody thought should not provoke the crazy woman, learning is general, also like trouble, there is nothing particularly good family background, therefore, the autumn waters also conform to close ying-nan zhao.In eight years, autumn waters are serious and ying-nan zhao to fall in love, two people also smooth development to get married, but didn’t want to be a good autumn waters his bones do stable academic worker, he likes more exciting life, only the influence of family, and his girlfriend Zhao Ying small mom type management of male love, let the colchicine can’t touch.But this kind of track day, bored autumn waters, and he and ying-nan zhao also ushered in the crack, is about ying-nan zhao to go abroad, when the class is a quota, ying-nan zhao while no marry colchicine, already has the flavor of the wife, she tried to go abroad to colchicine, would rather give up, but helpless, colchicine result is very bad, so, you think desperate,Let qiushui father help, to find his old acquaintance qiushui through the back door, the results were reported, qiushui went abroad, quota or to Zhao Yingnan.Zhao Yingnan go abroad, very worried, because Xiao Hong, although she and Qiushui have talked about eight years of love, but Xiao Hong more malicious, eight years do not hand in her boyfriend, fool can see, she is waiting for Qiushui.Zhao Yingnan went abroad, Xiao Hong is very excited, in fact, it is possible to feel her and Qiu Shui.Qiushui may feel wrong, on the one hand, in order to let Xiao Hong give up, on the other hand, want to let Zhao Yingnan rest assured, so in the farewell to Zhao Yingnan abroad, Qiushui overbearing proposal Zhao Yingnan.Of course, the reason why Qiushui did not stop Zhao Yingnan to go abroad, is not to say how much love her, in order to consider her future, but I want to relax for two years, after all, Zhao Yingnan in the heart of Qiushui is not only girlfriend, or mother love.So he was a little out of breath.But Zhao Yingnan is different, she is more ruthless than Xiao Hong Qiushui, immediately announced that he gave up going abroad, in fact, she in addition to love Qiushui, but also because of xiao Hong struggle, let her know that he will not give her the opportunity to rob him.Everyone thought that they would be the envy of everyone in the first couple, unfortunately, this kind of happiness is a precursor of the storm, autumn waters finally because can’t stand Zhao Ying management type of male love, for autumn waters in ying-nan zhao raffish, grades slipped, Ph.D. Don’t get problems, after the explosion tore up colchicine liver to write novels, two people quarrel and broke up.And Xiao Hong side, may be too lonely, and a bar singer together, in fact, Xiao Hong just to relieve depression and loneliness, and want to let qiu Shui jealousy, the results play off, drunk and pregnant, Qiu Shui jealousy and angry abuse Xiao Hong, in fact, more love.After Zhao Yingnan goes abroad, qiu Shui is free, think to make up for, begin to hint oneself intention to Xiao Hong, but this time, however a strange combination of circumstances.Colchicine for XiaoHongShi found XiaoHong mother sick, take her to the hospital, and XiaoHong waiting at the gate of the cinema too long, always like the way she continue to comfort her, XiaoHong impulse and continue to embrace together, autumn waters XiaoHong mother arrived at the gate of the cinema, she saw this scene, for autumn waters, he attaches great importance to, a brother and a little too seriously, after and XiaoHong solve misunderstanding,Xiao Hong want to clear and Gu Ming, Qiu Shui refused, said not to hurt Gu Ming.In this period of time, Qiu Shui encountered another woman, bigger than oneself nearly 10 years old director doctor Liu Qing, Liu Qing record of formal education is tall, professional skill is strong, it is sexy mature royal elder sister privately, after Qiu Shui saves the United States hero again, begin to maintain lover relation with Liu Qing.But this kind of feeling is not actual, they do not have any to future program, add age is not accepted by qiu Shui home, and Liu Qing here also compares reality, the decision and pursue oneself old man to marry all the time.Qiushui restores single again, and this, Xiao Hong and Qiushui do not have any obstacle finally, have the opportunity to go together, unfortunately, sometimes fate is so heartless, in two people see the spirit of the flesh on the real sense of unity, the return of a person broke The opportunity that Qiushui and Xiao Hong are together finally.Yes, Zhao Yingnan is back, not only her one person, but also her child, Qiushui’s own flesh and blood.Xiao Hong left Qiushui for this, and Zhao Yingnan did not stay in Qiushui side, two people decided to raise the child together.Colchicine for love in the impulse, chose the reality, in time to face the reality, want to fight for love, but in the opportunity came, did not catch, again and again, using other women as a spare tire also help oneself forget true love, this despicable behavior, in the end, what all have no, side and leave one by one, is the maximum punishment for him.A dead love drama, male master is not willing to love she crazy looking for a spare tire, finally open your heart but no fate.If you have any different views on this, please share them in the comments. 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