Zhao Liying was asked: would she consider getting back together?Zhao Liying witty answer, Feng Shaofeng are meng

Introduction: Zhao Liying was asked: would you consider getting back together?Zhao Liying witty answer, Feng Shaofeng are meng Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng two people married, very suddenly, but also very fast divorce, feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying married, Feng Shaofeng’s reputation that is a large rise.In 4 years of marriage, Feng Shaofeng participated in a lot of variety shows, and at that time, Zhao Liying also gradually faded out of the entertainment circle, after announcing divorce, Zhao Liying’s TV drama instantly swept the screen, and Zhao Liying’s resources also rose substantially.It can be seen that marriage has a great impact on Zhao Liying. It can be said that Zhao Liying’s marriage has limited the development of her career.As is known to all, Zhao Liying is a very enterprising person. His family condition is not very good since he was a child, and he relies on his own hard work and efforts to fight.Therefore, it is impossible for him to turn his career into an interest, so he chooses marriage or career. Zhao Liying has given the answer.In fact, no matter who their own career is not easy to struggle, it is impossible to give up so easily, also can not be willing to do a housewife.After all, men are unreliable, and their own career is the most secure, their own career has property.So in an interview, Zhao liying was asked: “Will you consider getting back together?”Finally, Zhao Liying was very tactful and answered: “Everything follows fate.”So many netizens are shocked, it is obvious that Zhao Liying still has feelings for Feng Shaofeng, but it may be that some reasons have not been solved.Follow fate also need to see Feng Shaofeng’s efforts, if Feng Shaofeng’s efforts will coax Zhao Liying back, then it may be possible to remarry.So Feng Shaofeng listened to Zhao Liying, it is estimated that the meng is very, after all, the two of them are also because of less from more and broke up, so how to live together in the future life, then see Feng Shaofeng.Do you think Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng will get back together?Leave a comment below.

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