Xu Qiang presided over the county project work scheduling meeting

On February 8, Xu Qiang, the head of the county, presided over the scheduling meeting of the county’s project work, listening to the current key projects to promote the construction of the work report, research and deployment of the next step.Xu Qiang pointed out that we should attach great importance to the work of attracting investment, firmly establish the concept of “project as the biggest, project as the king”, and continuously promote project construction.We should innovate ways and methods to attract investment, rationally utilize existing resources, and realize “attracting investment through business”.Focus on investment objectives, the formation of the “three skin” spirit, make full use of all kinds of resources, in order to “grab the real” state of work to introduce projects, to promote the high-quality development of my county into new vitality.Xu Qiang stressed that in the county to form up and down “you catch up with me” “for breakthrough, when the vanguard” of the strong investment atmosphere, and constantly enhance the sense of responsibility for investment, investment resources.Work special class to increase scheduling efforts, implement work responsibilities, strengthen organizational coordination and information communication.To establish a sense of planning in advance, adhere to the above rate, to ensure the completion of the annual target tasks.We should strengthen self-assessment and evaluation, strengthen study and thinking, pay attention to the details, quality and results of projects, check for omissions and fill in gaps, raise standards, and ensure that all key projects produce good results.Xu Qiang required that all levels and departments should attach great importance to “going out and inviting in”, carry out investment attraction based on reality, and strive for excellence in introducing projects.We need to integrate idle resources, set up worksheets and carry out wall charts to ensure that all projects move forward quickly and in an orderly manner, and create an atmosphere in which investment promotion is about real achievements and projects are about development.To give full play to the role of special class, compaction responsibility, strengthen the organization and leadership of “horse racing” work, do a good job in assessment, with excellent results to promote the county economic society to achieve high quality development.Relevant county leaders attend the meeting.(Writer: Zhang Tingting Reviewer: Zhang Lu)

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