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The Ming Dynasty “Qunfang Pu” on the explanation of the beginning of Spring is: “Set, also built.Spring is established from the beginning.”The seventh day of spring in Beijing by Tang Luo Yin 12345467, ten thousand trees sprout today.Far days back to the wild goose cloud flying, near the water fish break ice.Every year around February 4 in the Gregorian calendar, The start of Spring is when the sun reaches 315 degrees of the Yellow Longitude. The 24 solar terms begin a new cycle.”Shi Ji · Tian Guan shu” : “The beginning of spring, the beginning of the four.”The beginning of spring marks the end of the winter when all things are closed. The east wind brings warmth, all things wake up and the earth returns to spring.”On the first day of The start of Spring, the water warms three minutes.” From that day on, the weather begins to warm up, and even the water is a few minutes warmer than before.The first day is the Chinese New Year, the first year.The beginning of Spring is the beginning of the year, is the beginning of the year, the beginning of the year.Ganzhi ji Nian is a solar calendar that uses heaven and earth to mark year, month and day.Sixty years for a cycle, called “sixty flowers jiazi.”The beginning of spring, marked xin Chou years have passed, Renyin years in the future.The start of Spring arrives at 4:50 today.The symbolic phenology of the beginning of Spring is: the beginning of the wind thaw, the second insects began to vibrate, three hou fish ice.As the east wind blew, the earth began to thaw, and the hibernating animals gradually woke up. Although they did not get up, they also began to stretch their arms and legs and stretch their muscles and bones.The thick ice on the surface of the water began to melt, and the fish could be seen underwater, as if they were swimming with ice on their backs.As a traditional festival, the beginning of Spring has been attached great importance from the official to the folk in ancient times. There are many official customs and folk customs, which are reflected in various aspects.”The book of the Later Han Annals of the fourth ceremony” records: “the day of the beginning of spring, the night leakage did not do five minutes, the Capital officials are dressed in blue, the country country road officials under the fight to make history are wearing a green ze, a green flag.””Tokyo Dream Hualu” : “the first day before the start of spring, Kaifeng Mansion into the spring cattle into the ban in the whip spring.”The Qing Dynasty “Yanjing age record” also has: “is the rich eat more spring cakes, women and so on buy radish and eat, yue bite spring, that can but spring sleepy also.”To this day, traditional customs such as whipping the spring ox, hanging spring flags, eating spring rolls and plates, and biting spring are still popular across the country.The arrival of the beginning of spring represents the beginning of spring, although the temperature began to rise at this time, but the cold, to guard against the intrusion of “reverse cold”.”No clothes in spring, no hats in autumn.”Should not lose winter clothes prematurely, still should pay attention to keep warm, especially the elderly and the frail crowd should be more cautious.In ancient Chinese medicine books, it is recommended to dress “thick at the bottom and thin at the top” in spring, especially to keep the neck, knees, feet and other parts warm.Diet should be properly increased sweet and warm food, such as yam, leek, spinach, spring bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, etc., while should reduce the intake of acidic food, such as shrimp, crab and various sea fish, otherwise it may lead to human qi not smooth, trapped in the inside, resulting in disease.At the beginning of spring, it is advisable to lighten your mood.When in tension, excitement, anxiety, depression and other states, should be restored to calm as soon as possible.Anger is liver injury, emotional to remind yourself not to be irritable, calm and calm.Can be more outdoors in the sun, can adjust mood, and can relax tendons and invigorate blood.A year’s plan in the spring, the beginning of the momentum to see the spirit, cadres do not talk about the current brave, because the journey waits for no one.When the winter is fading away with a chill, and the New Year is coming quietly with a mission, we should not be addicted to the previous achievements in the book, we should be complacent, look to the future, through the inventory of the past year’s harvest, summarize the gains and losses of the past year, find the lack of ability, find new coordinates and new positioning.New Year or rough, or smooth, which to a certain extent, depends on party cadres itself, should base on strengthening theoretical study to improve the “political sunny”, to speed up the knowledge update business ability, locate in kung fu skills into practice to temper, become a “top” of the new campaign, which seem to have hit a new challenge and smooth paved road.At the same time, combined with the responsibilities of the post, in the overall plan of their own stage plan, should be “spring three hou” as the point, in the first hou dongfeng thaw want to do well, in the second hou insects began to understand what to do, in the three hou fish in the negative ice gradually dry out, so step by step, steady and steady, will harvest.Some of the photos are from the website editor: Zhang Jing, editor: Zhao Yanting Disclaimer: This article is reprinted for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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