A song “out” sing jay and Eason chan’s regret and entanglement | Ewha Music station

Hello everyone, welcome to listen to Ewha Music Station. This program is produced by Ewha Education. I am Zhinan, the anchor of Ewha Sound Research and Training Institute.Why is it made to measure?There is also an interesting little story, that is at an awards ceremony, creators jay encounter eason chan in the background, and then take the initiative to take out already prepared to eason chan, eason chan in saw after, no matter from style, range, and the lyrics of songs reflect the personality and attitude, a see be prepared for him, like it very much.At that time, Eason chan was preparing for his first mandarin album, “Admit it”, so he included this song and it became a classic work shared by both of them.And this song once published with one blow won 2007 TVB8 golden song list three awards: golden song award, best arrangement award, best song producer award, these three high gold award is the biggest proof of the strength of two people.As a singer-songwriter, Jay has written songs for many singers before and after, such as jolin Tsai’s “Rewind”, Wen LAN’s “Happy Birthday to Me”, and Chen Xiaochun’s “My Love”, all of which have become classics and are must-order songs when we go to KTV.But Jay talked about these songs, he once joked that this song “eliminated” is the song he most wants to take back, which is enough to show his love for Eason Chan.The two people’s interpretation style has its own characteristics, Eason Chan is the second generation of song god after Jacky Cheung, his deep and deep voice not only sang the regret and sadness, but also let people feel that the future will continue to be firm, can let us in sadness and not indulge in it, can also start again after healing themselves.And Jay’s tone on the high side, the words are not clear is his characteristics, which can reflect the emotional entanglement and reluctant to give up, plus the end of each sentence will be elongated, so can highlight the bitter and sad brokenhearted, so that people who have just experienced brokenhearted resonance, into memories, can not let go for a long time.Two people also sang this song for many times, whether it be a concert or other show, is one of the most famous scene in jay Chou’s concert, jay Chou was playing “said good happiness?”, and gaps in a rhythm, “fan” of the lights of the stage to the audience to eason chan, when jay Chou zhen immediately “can only say that I lost,Perhaps you are afraid. There are no wrinkles in our memories…””, listening to the familiar music sounded, sitting in the audience eason Chan first grin, behind also follow the rhythm to sing together, the scene is the beginning of the ten thousand people chorus moving scene.Such a scene is not only the mutual appreciation and empathy of the two excellent singers, but also let us fans realize that music is the most beautiful language, which can deduce rich emotions with simple notes and make life colorful and colorful.Thanks for listening to Ewha Music Station. This program is produced by Ewha Education. See you next time.

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