Won the 2021-2022 nanping agricultural industrialization municipal leading enterprise into the municipal leading enterprise

Prosperity of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises refers to the agricultural products processing or circulation is given priority to, through a variety of benefit coupling mechanism associated with farmers, drive the peasant household enters the market, make the agricultural production, processing and sales of organic combination, promote each other, on the scale and operation index reaches standards and recognized by the relevant departments of the government.In accordance with the requirements of Nanping Municipal Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization Identification and Monitoring Management Operation Program (Nannong (2019) No. 96) and Nanping Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs On Operation Monitoring and Supplementary Application of Municipal Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization in 2021-2022 (Nannong (2021) No. 70),After the counties (cities, districts) selection and recommendation, expert review, solicit the opinions of departments and the joint meeting of municipal leading enterprises, it is planned to identify 38 enterprises such as Nanping Hua Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Development Co., Ltd. as the municipal leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization in Nanping City.Municipal leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization are the key to improve the degree of agricultural organization and promote the development of specialization of farmers.Supporting the development of leading enterprises, talents and other production factors is an important subject and technology for the construction of modern agricultural industrial system. It is also the direction of modern agricultural development and speeding up the transformation of agricultural development mode, scale and standardization.Agricultural industrialization is the innovation of China’s agricultural management system and mechanism, intensive production, promoting the construction of modern agriculture and farmers’ employment and income have very important role.

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