When does a weak man get rich, judging by his birthday?

Two years before significant changes happened in my house, to the quality of life now is collapsed, I am male, born in 1993, is currently married, but had all the is not very well, still carrying debt, house of marriage and frequent war, is really let me some weak, don’t know now such a situation and how long it will last,When will things get better in the future?What about career marriages?Can I stay with my wife and family until I grow old?Bu master analysis reply: your birthday is (Qianmade) Decyou year, ren Xu month, c xu day, xin MAO.Universiad: Xinyou, Gengshen, Jiwei, Wuwu, Dingsi, Bingchen, Yimao, Jiayin.Born in 1993, jianfeng golden life, now 29 years old, 2021 has not entered the great luck.See the five elements of joy avoid: c fire Lord born in the land on the moon, and sit on the land lost, year guiyou financial officer consumption, month dry, water seven kill gram body, when the dry xin Zhengcai consumption body, although the branch is a wood seal star, the body is weak, wood fire for joy, soil gold water for fear.See the disease of the original bureau: 1, the body is weak than like to use, but the life bureau matchless rob to help the body, the only use of god MAO wood also by xinjin cap gram, like to use God can not help, plus c fire to see the soil into the tomb as, heaven stem and c xin xin, c fire day Lord is weak, life bureau avoid god without system, the overall pattern level is not how.C xu sunrise born, xu earth for canopy, easy to lonely heart, prefer to be alone.3, the earth for the goddess of food and flourishing, god of food flourishing people good comfort, good enjoyment, often easy to do things, impatient, easy to give up halfway, also easy to be impatient impulse, think poorly.Although the eight character wealth star is not much but very prosperous, and are also positive wealth, but if the weak people do not like to use God’s help, it is not to bear the wealth, often the more prosperous the wealth is easy to lose money.The combination of year and year shishen wealth, tiangan c xin wealth, accounting is very hard, and often pay efforts and the harvest is not proportional to the results.Life with food injury wealth, hit and are positive wealth, the most suitable for relying on skills or technology or experience, such as money to make money, or wood fire like using god’s attributes of the industry can also.7, the ground on the base of the unitary phase, out for money is more favorable, the direction to the east, south, or southeast as the favorable orientation.Look at marriage, life bureau two are wealth, on behalf of the day and fu Yin, marriage is easy to have repeated changes, is also easy to have second marriage information on behalf of.Land support unitary xu harm, marriage palace damage is not auspicious marriage, easy to feel the pain and suffering of marriage;Coupled with the MAO xu, sit and he is often easy to have a spouse cheating, this is the need to pay attention to.10, c fire sit soil day support, xu Xin Zhengcai, and ding fire rob money, often easy to rob wealth wealth gram of wealth, easy to his wife, life between husband and wife is also easy to friction.Depending on your luck:You are now on have not the universiade (27 to 36 years old), go to eat the universiade, transporting dry out soil g officer killed, wounded officer officer, officer star career, is appropriate drainage unfavorable g, g is going to work is not stable, easy to appear to work, to have a boss, is easy to make your breath, can pay attention to the stability on this decade is given priority to, more is not suitable for too much.You said in the first two years in the home had a major change, from the beginning of 18 years 18 hundred days xu, 19 ji Hai, 20 geng zi, 21 xinchou, soil jinshui bogey God Prosperous years, often easy to have investment or business failure lead to financial ruin.From 31 years began to enter the wu Wu dayun, wu earth out of the year dry decane water is official, for the official stay kill, making the original bureau became clear, but is very favorable to the development of the cause, coupled with the earth’s afternoon fire robbed money to make money star, the Lord to help and can get money, there will be some wealth, can get rid of the foreign debt pressure of the predicament.In 41 years back after reading this decade, the third power in than rob to help the body, that is the real you get rich opportunity came, than the bullet for body, has the strength to carry lives ZhongCai Lord, to do things will be particularly well, in this decade plus air-dried nonyl ding, to kill officer, will have a very clear career goal, is to big on behalf of, or can achieve.Marriage, need to pay attention to 23 years of MAO xu marriage palace, 24 years of Chen Xu chong marriage palace, 28 years of Shen You xu sanhui marriage palace, these years marriage palace is prone to change, is the need to pay special attention to the year.The year of the Ox, the Rabbit, the Dragon, and the Monkey is also a time to be aware of turbulent changes in your marriage.After the marriage to 37, you can calm down slowly, as long as pay attention to the point, would be between husband and wife has things to try to communicate to discuss, have problems to solve in time, don’t drag, the more don’t stare at each other’s shortcomings, in a behind you as long as the business stabilizes your marriage will be happy, it is indisputable.Author: Dream predestination yi Guang jian.(All the articles of master Bu are published after consultation with the master of life) people stand between heaven and earth, everything is fate, know fate, obey fate, win;He who does not know his fate will lose.Do not believe the fate of the fate of the people, or will be defeated!Can you make money?Are you cut out for business?Will you ever get divorced?Does your woman want you or break you?Can you find a good marriage or not?Which direction should you go?The bureau has a clear answer to all of this.Would your life have been different if you had known earlier?Pictures from the network!

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