Chongqing Jiulongpo District people’s Armed Forces Department: the first class national defense education into the campus

At the beginning of the new semester, the activities of Jiulongpo District national Defense education into campus came to Chongqing Foreign Language School.On February 16 and 17, Wang Yuanqi, political commissary of jiulongpo District People’s Armed Forces Department university, gave lectures on national defense education to more than 1300 senior high school freshmen who were participating in military training.Around the army thought learning Tree on the national defense concept “theme, Wang Zhengwei focused learning inherits the excellent tradition of our army, army thought understanding jinping, understand the security threats facing our country, realize the winning advantage of the party and army, tree prison five aspects, such as national defense concept, detailed data with vivid YingMo story introduces our development, winning an important magic weapon,It elaborated president Xi’s great practice on the dream of a strong country and a strong army, and encouraged the students to do well in their studies, keep fit, care about national defense, love national defense, and actively participate in the cause of a strong army.After the lecture, the students were still impressed and responded strongly, saying that they were deeply inspired by the military history of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Xi Jinping’s thought on strengthening the military. They would set up lofty aspirations to love the Party, love the country and protect the country, start from studying hard and practicing their skills, and devote themselves to national defense and serve the motherland with outstanding achievements.A nation cannot stand without defense, and its people cannot stand without defense.In recent years, in order to enhance the national defense consciousness of the cadres and the masses, especially the teenagers, Jiulongpo District has continued to carry out the propaganda of “six advances” in national defense knowledge, tour exhibition of national defense science popularization, visit and practice activities of patriotism education base, etc., to promote national defense education to go deeper and deeper.(Liu Meng) Source: National Defense Times Editor: Liu Yang Editor: Zhu Hai Link: National Defense Times news center

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