After “Pet husband into the devil”, do not miss this high essay, two-way mutual hatred, read more and more

Hello everyone, meet you again!We all know that there are many kinds of novels: ancient words, now words, quick wear, youth, campus…But in the process of chasing books will also appear the phenomenon of book shortage, so this small edition to recommend you a few super good-looking novels.Don’t miss it!This recommendation: overtake the spoil, into the magic, don’t miss in the political culture, two-way Dui, more see more above the first “mud” author: to overtake the spoil, slasher, don’t miss in the political culture, two-way Dui, more see more above introduction: high school punks gao arrogance, teachers and classmates disgust, mother’s education, led to his utter lack of love.Although he looks so tough and insolent, but there is a person, saw his vulnerability at a glance, and carefully protect his fragile content: Gao Peng that hand, frozen purple, and chilblain, Gao Peng met Guo Feng’s palm, Guo Feng felt his hand, it is like a piece of ice.It’s not even a little warm. It’s freezing.Finally the small Wolf dog Gao Peng in the eyes of Guo Feng put the money in a chuai cloth pocket and sat on the iron stool of the station.Then take out cigarette from the head of bosom pocket come, point top, took out an mouthful, then oneself open mobile phone, connect see not to see Guo Feng of way: “transfer 20 dollars pay treasure to me.”Guo Feng asked him, “Your telephone number.”After Gao Peng gave him the phone number, Guo Feng transferred the money to his Alipay account.Gao Peng received money, diao cigarette point received, and then directly up and go, even did not look at Guo Feng.Guo Feng looked at Gao Peng’s back, sighed and shook his head.The second book, “Yu Gan Is Bitter, You Are Super Sweet” by: Jiang Beauty Introduction: Yu Gan is a traditional Chinese medicine, slightly bitter sex, can cure people.Yu Gangan is a small Internet celebrity who is good at traditional Chinese medicine and can save lives.Fang knew that Han was a prince and was so interested in Yu Gan: Yu Gan was my lifesaving medicine, yu Gan gan was my wife, and he would not accept any refutation!Wonderful content: after the flower is inserted, fang knows cold’s eyes fall on her again, still have no temperature as before, one eye can make a person cold to the bone and blood.This is not the way a husband looks at his wife. ( ̄  ̄  ̄)~ his long eyelashes tremble for a while. Yu Gan-gan calmly stares at him and asks, “Who are you in the end?”The same six words, but there was a meaning in her eyes now.He stood at the bedside, tall and casting a shadow.Men really too high, such as god general condescending, in overlooking the brilliant world.Yu Gan Gan lifted his eyes, the line of sight fell on the man’s slightly protruding Adam’s apple, the perfect arc sexy and charming, like a beautiful scenery on the man.The third “pet husband into magic” author: mint sound introduction: he Tang Jin has never been a generous person, dare to jilt him?Great thing to do: “Of course, I personally came to the audition, he can not give me this face?”There was a haughty look on his face, a commanding look as if the rest room was full of ants, unworthy of his attention.I’m just here to tell you that I’ve already got the part. It’s a waste of time if you’re going to audition again. You might as well try somewhere else while you’re at it.”Sun Pingxi said directly without being polite.After hearing this sentence, many people have a look of frustration and disappointment on their faces, some are angry and dissatisfied, but ultimately said nothing.Tang Jin glanced up at the man, then lowered his head to continue studying the script.This Sun Pingxi he knows a little, with the background of the family Sun Group, arrogant, making enemies everywhere, acting is in a complete mess, he can be elected on this role is absolutely not by their own strength.Tang Jin looked at the time. He still had more than 10 minutes before his audition and got up to leave the lounge.”Looks like someone who knows what’s going on.”Sun Pingxi see Tang Jin to leave, immediately proud of the said, and the line of sight swept the rest of the people, the eyes of resentment of others suddenly focused on tang Jin.Tang Jin, however, did not feel the same, went out and dialed the phone in hand.”Xu Ge, who are the investors of this play?”Tang Jin asked directly.This is the end of the recommendation, what do you think?Pay attention to small make up don’t get lost, if you like can also leave a message in the comment area!Share ~ ~ past wonderful discussion: young almost famous vertex goodbye, handsome ChuZhan x cut off slag black WeiKai, no abuse of the entire slay love too deep into the birds, I just take away your child, and you ruined my love twice “rebirth of wife counter attack,” “I want to break off an engagement” he a face of serious “army marriage can’t from”

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