Wugang Town, Quanjiao County: Make concerted efforts to fight ice and snow and actively respond to protect people’s livelihood

Wugang town in the snow before the arrival of the timely release of weather information to the villages, and through SMS, wechat, radio remind the general public to prepare for the cold, in order to deal with the snow and ice weather will bring the impact and disaster.When the heavy snow hit, wugang town and village cadres insist on 24 hours on duty, the patrol composed of town and village cadres, timely road investigation road hidden dangers, uninterrupted road traffic advice, guide the masses to improve the awareness of safe travel.Organizing villages to actively investigate potential safety hazards, focusing on the vegetable market and scaffolding structure of the site for the survey.February 6, Quanjiao County fell to heavy snow, snow on the ground.In the face of extreme weather, The town of Wugang is not dependent on the snow as the order, the cadres work together, unite as one, to fight against ice and snow, to protect the people’s livelihood, woven a solid defense network.At the same time, wugang town for some of the five security households, low-income households and other poor people promptly sent quilts, cotton-padded clothes and other warm items, to ensure that the poor people in the cold can also feel warm, safely through the winter.After the heavy snow, the ground snow froze seriously, which brought great inconvenience and hidden danger to the masses. Wugang Town actively organized party members and cadres to remove and clean the snow at the main intersections and sections to ensure the safety of the people in Wugang Town.(She Mingyu)

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