Tell you 1 year old baby complementary food to eat what

Generally speaking, one-year-old babies can eat a little as long as things are not too exciting, but they can only do supplementary food, but every baby is different.Accept ability is different, see contact time is different, like my baby for 7 months, the same with me born baby what mom said his family’s steamed stuffed bun, rice, meat, can eat, my family now can only eat the steamed stuffed bun, to eat sweet potatoes, potatoes, some easy broken food, slowly, the baby can eat will give a little, do not force the baby to eat, a little from liquid to solid,From less to more 1, as in spring, you can eat three meals a day, and add one lunch in the afternoon.The following is a reference recipe: breakfast: bean paste milk hair lamb 25g egg porridge 25g lunch: pig liver stand egg 50g soft rice 50g lunch: pear juice glutinous rice porridge 50g dinner: pork, spinach, wontons 50g small turnip shredded soup 2, summer: recommended recipe: breakfast: milk raisin cake 25g soy milk 100g Chinese food:Tomato fish ball soup soft rice 50 grams noon point: rice mung bean gruel 100 grams dinner: egg cucumber noodles slice soup 50 grams summer, should pay attention to add water, more into the soup.Protein mainly plant protein, can eat tofu, soy milk and other soybean products.3, autumn: recommended recipes: breakfast: egg porridge 25 grams of jujube mud milk cake 25 grams of Chinese food: mixed rice 50 grams of small cabbage soup noon: carrot millet porridge 50 grams of dinner: white gourd liver mud roll 50 grams of egg flower soup in autumn, children’s appetite is generally good, conducive to the uptake of nutrients.Egg porridge is cooked porridge into the egg, a little boiled for a moment, and then add a little sesame oil and salt.Rich in nutrients.Jambalaya is fried minced meat, tofu and other rice cooked together, when it will be cooked, add fried green vegetables, rice can be done.Winter melon mud roll is a 1-inch wide roll made of dried winter melon and liver mud as stuffing. When mixing stuffing, seasoning is added appropriately to reduce the fishy smell of pig liver.Autumn weather turns cool, children are often prone to diarrhea, carrots can be cut into the next block and millet cooked food with, has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on children with diarrhea.At the same time, carrots and liver mud can provide rich vitamin A, is very good for children’s growth and development.4, winter: recommended recipes: breakfast: milk and egg soup 25 grams of sesame porridge 25 grams of Chinese food: ribs soup braised seaweed soft rice 50 grams of lunch: steamed sweet potato 50-100 grams of dinner: cabbage minced meat hanging noodle soup 50 grams 1 year old children are still prone to rickets age.In winter, the cold weather in north China greatly reduces the chances of basking in the sun, which may lead to vitamin D deficiency and thus affect the absorption of calcium in food. Milk, eggs, sesame seeds, ribs soup and kelp in the above recipes are rich in calcium, especially kelp, which can provide 1177 mg of calcium per 100 grams:Although the content of calcium in milk is not as high as kelp, but its calcium utilization rate is as high as 87%, so it is also a good food for calcium, other calcium more food and shrimp skin, fish pine and bean products, can often give children to eat.Gherkin cheese sandwich: Fresh toast…2 slices, gherkin…20g, one slice of cheese…1. Peel toast and cut diagonally into triangles.2. Wash and shred cucumbers before shredding.3. Place the gherkin and cheese on toast.1 year old baby complementary food to eat what?There are many more here, AH Hui just introduce a few of them.Mothers who are still interested in recipes can take a look at Ingram’s complementary food, which is graded on the basis of age and physical signs.Convenient and scientific

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