Remove hidden dangers of electricity!The streets of Xuhui keep the safety of the elderly in mind

In order to strengthen residents’ awareness of safe use of electricity, firmly guard the bottom line of safety, recently, tianping street in the development of the elderly “six help” comprehensive service for the elderly, at the same time, in-depth area living alone, lonely old, pure old and other families to carry out electricity propaganda work.Tianping street home care service center to carry out the training, so that the elderly to increase the family security of electricity knowledge reserve, master the household electricity, fire, gas safety essentials, learned the safety inspection method, so that every door propaganda and inspection can be effective, timely discovery and elimination of safety risks.Safe use of electricity is no small matter, the elderly assistants incarnated safety officers, safety publicity and inspection as a normal work, and constantly strengthen the elderly residents’ awareness of safe use of electricity.At present, the street has been finished for nearly 700 families live alone, old age, as well as the pure old family safety knowledge publicity, tour inspection, to find potential safety hazard, peace street office will joint professional timely rectification, and aging, poor found in the inspection, defect and so on has the security hidden danger strips replaced free of charge.To promote development and ensure security, the balance is in motion.Tianping Street will strictly implement and guard the bottom line in accordance with the requirements of normal safety prevention, to ensure the safety of residents’ lives and property, and to consolidate the construction of safe communities.
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