Mars settlement solved?Equatorial “oases” of vast water areas on Mars have been discovered

Review:Now the earth’s environment is getting worse, so humans also have to consider for own future, maybe today, this generation will not be much of an impact, but according to the trend of environmental deterioration, earth and the earth’s resources consumption, the earth will one day become no longer suitable for human survival, so we had to put the eye more in the long run,To explore other planets suitable for human life.It is based on this background that various countries are more active in the exploration of Mars. Many people do not know about Mars. In fact, Mars can be said to be the closest habitable planet to earth in the universe.Many of the scientists envision the some influence factors of the survival of humans on Mars, as soon as possible to solve the problem of Mars immigrants, and with the constant progress of science and technology, is also more and more in-depth exploration of Mars, like Russia’s national space group and the research and development of the European space agency’s Mars orbiter – mariner, at the bottom of the canyon on Mars have a important discoveries,The discovery has also attracted international attention.The team found a large amount of water in the canyon, which the researchers estimate is almost the size of the Netherlands.As we all know, water is the source of life, so the outside world has said, is it really possible to settle on Mars?Is the problem about to be solved?But it is worth noting that the water found near the Martian equator is different from that found in the past. There are two main differences: First, the water found on Mars is not deep, according to scientists’ comprehensive data, the water is about 1 meter below the surface of the earth.The discovery came as a surprise to many researchers, given that previous studies have found that Mars experiences perennial solar winds near its equator, making it unlikely that conditions for water could exist there.What’s more, the probe also found an oasis near the source of Martian water, suggesting that there may be other sources of water elsewhere.Humans have been searching for other habitable planets for years, and this discovery may bring us one step closer.Second, the reservoir is located near the Martian equator, and previous searches for water on Mars have focused on the polar regions, which, like Earth, are extremely cold and have a much lower minimum temperature than Earth, so it would not be a surprise to find water there.It’s different this time, because temperatures near the equator aren’t too harsh, and water is available there, making it more likely that humans will colonize Mars in the future.Conclusion: However, we must also admit that water is not enough for human beings to survive on other planets for a long time. Food, oxygen, etc., are all very important conditions.But fortunately, just like the astronauts living in the space station, as long as there is water, we can use equipment to produce oxygen and even food, as long as the production of oxygen, water and soil, there is no fear of food, so this discovery proves that the future human migration to Mars is still very feasible.Let’s wait and see!

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