7.8 meters wide hall, master bedroom 270 degree corner bay window……Tianjin another improvement of the new plate appearance!

International exhibition west and a new plate will appear, is China railway construction language LAN Ting.The layout of the apartment has been released: the living room 7.8 meters wide to the south, the master bedroom with a 270-degree corner bay window…Improve the label obviously!Sales agents say the opening will debut as early as March.On May 15 last year, China Railway Construction co., Ltd. won the 2020-07 land in Jinnan (Hang) for 635 million yuan in the first double-centralized land transfer, with a floor price of 12,713 yuan per square meter, a premium rate of 18.9%.The plot is located on the south side of Guozhan Avenue, adjacent to the Second Affiliated Primary School of Normal University in the west, municipal green space in the east, and hongnihe East station of Subway Line 1, which is the best location among all the projects in Guozhan West.The project plans 22 buildings, 16-20 is the top of 3-4 floors, to create overlapping products;4#, 5#, 8#, 22# are 7 floors to the top, 1#, 9#, 15# are 8 floors to the top, and the rest are 11 floors to the top.This is also the current international exhibition west plate for the first time overlapping products.It is understood that the construction of the sixth bureau of the new land products will be completely on the label language LAN Ting, but also to create overlapping products.According to guozhan West’s previous sales experience, selling well is not to improve products.Because of the nature of the school district of the second affiliated primary school of Normal University and experimental middle school, the international exhibition West was more focused on just needs and just reform.But from the area section of flower language LAN Ting, 75% are more than 100 square meters of housing.Kudos to both developers for their “courage”.On the other hand, the “pragmatic” aspect can also be seen from the fact that the minimum area of The Flower language Lanting is 77 square meters, which accounts for nearly 25% of the improvement.China Railway Construction Huayu Lanting all 1 ladder and 2 households design, except 77 square meters, all adopt the design of large room, all the houses have 270° corner bay window.The renderings show a high window-wall ratio.Western house 77, 109, 139 square meters, folding 134, 141 square meters, side door with 270° corner bay window.The 77-square-meter lanting unit is the only two-bedroom unit with a minimum area of 77 square meters.Although the area is small, the living room is 3.6 meters wide.The south-facing master bedroom has a 270° corner bay window.Whole door north-south connect fully, north is a children’s room.The u-shaped kitchen counter, judging from the layout, should accommodate a double-door refrigerator.The washroom is dry and wet separated, and the washing machine is reserved.One air conditioner outdoor unit is reserved for the north and south sides, and only one is reserved for the rest of the house, which means that only central air conditioners can be installed.The 109 square meter three-bedroom front porch is more independent, and the living room is 5.4 meters wide and reserved for washing machine.South to three rooms, master bedroom with corner bay window.Master bedroom is designed in three sections with walk-in closet and separate bathroom.The guest defends dry wet separation, lavabo is put in the position that draws near dining-room more.Kitchen L – type operating table, moving line more compact.China Railway Construction Flower Language Lanting 139 square meters apartment 139 square meters of the third house to make a dynamic separation, living room 7.3 meters wide.But the position of porch is opposite not quite independent, functional sex is not strong.Same southward 3 open, advocate lie to have cloakroom of a corner, the scale of independent toilet is a bit bigger also.L – shaped kitchen counter with two Windows, one facing the air conditioning outdoor unit.Guest guard also did dry wet separation.In addition, the 139 sq m unit has more independent housekeeping rooms than the 109 sq m unit, with functions such as laundry and storage.Housekeeping also has a window facing the air conditioning outdoor unit.134 square meters, the south of the first floor is the living room and dining room, with a large room of 7.8 meters.To the north is the bedroom with a balcony.Kitchen L – shaped operating table, open kitchen.Between home economics connect toilet, be equivalent to on the basis of dry wet separation, strengthened wash clothes and store the functional sex of content.The second floor is a family hall. There is a study on the north, and the window is in the air conditioning outdoor unit.The second floor also has a toilet.The first floor of 141 square meters is basically the same as 134 square meters.The changes are mainly reflected in the second floor: a bedroom has been added, the bathroom has been moved out of position, and it has become a dark bathroom.International exhibition west because of the national Convention and Exhibition university public construction support, but also with “iron business” three elements of housing, attention has always been high, the first half of last year can be said to be a highlight of the plate moment.But with the xinzhuang price “diving”, the drag is also the most obvious, which is the main reason for the second half of the exhibition west sales decline.It is understood that China Railway construction flower language tianzhu still has more than 60 houses.Building 18, 75 square meters, 87 square meters, the average price of 19 thousand;Building 4, 5, building 16, 17 main push 108 square meters, the average price of 21 thousand.At present, the biggest plate inventory is Dahua International Exhibition Park family, 18 floors to the top, 99 square meters apartment, the average price of 18,000;Xiaogao 11 floors to the top, 99 square meters, the average price of 20,000-21,000;Houses 119 square meters, 128 square meters, the average price of 210,000 to 222,000.The third phase is no higher than 11 floors, which is expected to open in the second quarter of this year.In addition, China Construction looks forward to 82 square meters, 84 square meters, the blank unit price of 22 thousand;The unit price of 89 square meters blank is 19,500, and the unit price of 89 square meters simple assembly is 20,000;Unit price of 112 square meters blank 24000;136 square meters hardcover unit price 24,000.

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