There’s only one person in a car?Fewer people are returning to Zheng by bus

The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end. February 6 is the last day of this year’s Spring Festival Golden Week, and it is also the peak time for a large number of Spring Festival travelers to return home.The reporter learned from Zhengzhou Transportation Group that the normal operation of passenger trains has been resumed since January 31. Up to today, all passenger trains have been basically fully restored. So what is the situation in Zhengzhou passenger bus station?How can I inquire about the recovery of specific passenger routes?Recently, many citizens to the River news · Henan video reporters consulting passenger bus line problems, At 10 am on February 6th, the reporter came to zhengzhou coach central station, field visit the current recovery of the passenger terminal central station, at the same time the passenger terminal central station staff also to the recent public consultation more questions for unified answers.”If you want to consult whether a specific line will resume operation, passengers can check specific flight information through wechat mini program” Yuzhou Hang “or call Zhengzhou Jiaoyun Group customer service hotline 96269 for manual inquiry.”Mi Li, a staff member of Zhengzhou Coach Central Station, told reporters that the current zhengzhou passenger train has been basically fully restored, but the frequency and passenger flow change is relatively large, the station will be adjusted according to the specific situation, the specific departure time will be based on the station departure time.Passengers can consult the corresponding flight information in advance through wechat mini program or phone, so as not to delay the trip.”Passengers can choose to purchase tickets at the on-site ticket window or self-service ticket window, or purchase tickets through the” Henan Travel “mini program.”Staff said: passengers can directly buy tickets online, refund tickets, so more fast and convenient.Passenger flow is little, a trip to only carry a guest in passenger transport center station waiting hall observed more than an hour, the reporter found that the station waiting number is very few, a lot of waiting chairs are empty.”It’s my first day at work, so I don’t know what’s going on.””Said a passenger driver.In order to see the driver’s “opening” situation, the reporter followed him to the check-in place “hello” passengers, “to changzhi have?”The driver called again and again, and finally only one passenger wanted to go to Changzhi.”When I came to Zhengzhou, I pulled eight people, and when I left Zhengzhou, I took four people in one car,” said another driver.Another driver said: his last bus to Zhengzhou, only carrying one passenger.”At present, the passenger flow at the passenger terminal is relatively small, but it is gradually increasing.Normally we get thousands of people a day at this time, but today we are expecting around 800.”Mi Li, a staff member at zhengzhou Long-distance bus Central Station, said: Affected by the epidemic, many people choose to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot.And in recent years, people can choose a variety of ways to travel, such as high-speed rail, online car booking, customized passenger transport…As a result, the number of people choosing traditional passenger buses is gradually decreasing, and the number of passengers being received by coach central stations is also gradually decreasing.”It is important to note that passengers are required to wear masks, scan their health codes and take their temperatures all the way to and from the station. Nucleic acid test certificates are not required for the time being.”However, the staff reminds passengers that they need to know the epidemic prevention and control policies of the destination before going out, and it is recommended to prepare a negative nucleic acid certificate for 48 hours in advance to facilitate their own travel.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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