China wins!

On January 26, 2022, the ARBITRal Tribunal of the WTO issued a ruling on China’s countervailing measures against the United States, holding that China could impose us $645 million in annual trade retaliation against the United States in the field of goods trade because the United States failed to comply with the effective WTO ruling.The outcome of this case is of great significance for correcting the us’s illegal countervailing practices, safeguarding the legitimate trade interests of Chinese enterprises and defending the multilateral trading system.This is the second time that China has received trade retaliation against the US at the WTO.China previously received $3.579 billion in annual trade retaliation against the U.S. in a WTO dispute over anti-dumping measures.China urges the US side to stop looking for any excuses and take immediate actions to correct its wrongdoings in the trade remedy investigation against China.We are looking at the year-end bonus, financial management za how to arrange?If this bank reduces, will other banks follow suit?Fast New Year’s day, old people’s money “door”!Source: Editor of the Official website of the Ministry of Commerce: Han Shengjie Email: Follow the Official account of the Financial Times for more exclusive news

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