The standard of good calligraphy is liking

Mr. Zeng Xiang’s calligraphy is famous for its roar or innocent ugliness, and it flaunts “Long live happiness”. In fact, this is a kind of love, caused by temperament and heartfelt hair. No matter how others evaluate him, he goes his own way.Mr. Zeng Xiang has a lot of skills in calligraphy. In his exploration and innovation of calligraphy, it will not work if he adopts the methods of grafting western abstractions or Japanese modern calligraphy.It’s a dead end, so to speak.If a nondescript ear is placed on the rootstock of Chinese calligraphy, no new bud of Chinese calligraphy will grow.Calligraphy innovation is not taken for granted out of thin air, not to seek quick success and instant benefits of opportunism, but the effort to accumulate to the extreme naturally, playing gimmick can only wave a false reputation, a bamboo shoot with water.In the calligraphy circle, Tian Kai has been criticized a lot, such as not calligraphy, printing calligraphy, not art, vulgar, there is no way to learn Tian Kai, etc., he has been belittered as nothing, and even said that even a three-year-old child can write better than Tian Kai, which is really nonsense and sensationalist to the extreme.Anyone with a little common knowledge of calligraphy can judge that Tian Kai has at least reached the level of “pingzheng”.In the eyes of those who like calligraphy, Tian Kai is a standard of contemporary calligraphy.Its beauty is suitable for the public’s understanding of the beauty of calligraphy. It simplifies the complex use of the Pen of the European Regular script, without losing the European style. It is simple and easy to learn.Some people simplify the use of European regular script as The shortcomings of Tian Kai, tian Kai mediocre vulgar, is really stupid head melon seed problem.To simplify a complex thing is a kind of wisdom, to complicate a simple thing is unreasonable folly.People like tian Kai and study tian Kai, because tian Kai’s beauty is unified with people’s cognition of beauty.Besides, learning Tian Kai can help people write Chinese characters well.Writing good Chinese characters is the common foundation of Chinese and calligraphy, and the purpose of learning calligraphy is not necessarily to be a calligrapher, some just want to write good Chinese characters.People think Tian Kai is good, but it is also a kind of love.People’s evaluation of calligraphy always starts from the use of brush, calligraphy, composition, calligraphy, qi charm, method, origin, or learn from which one, which tablet, or post tablet integration, all of which are technical things.People think that good calligraphy is actually more social, that is, good elements should be considered social factors.Think good must be like, don’t like is certainly not good, of course, this is different people, wisdom.A person thinks that good calligraphy must be his favorite calligraphy, no matter what the reason, there must be a reason to like it.In history, Qin Hui and CAI Jing’s calligraphy was good, but few people liked it because of their bad conduct. Zheng Xiaoxu’s calligraphy was also good. He was a traitor and traitor, but few people liked it, because there were factors that people did not like, so their calligraphy would not be considered as good calligraphy.Mr. Jia Pingwa’s calligraphy, a word can sell tens of thousands of, his calligraphy level is high?Liu Xiaoqing’s calligraphy is not cheap, her calligraphy level you can judge, but some people are willing to spend a lot of money to buy, if you don’t think it is good, the buyer is not stupid, why buy?There’s only one answer — yes.There are reasons for liking in their calligraphy works.Some people chase after Zeng Xiang’s roar book, dragging out the big black ink mark with a mop, that is also based on love, otherwise how can say good?Tian Kai’s fans are also based on their love for Tian Kai.As long as you like it, it must be good for you, so is calligraphy.If calligraphy is only a boring game of pen, ink and paper, there will not be thousands of lovers, nor will there be continuous history. People love calligraphy because calligraphy can give people spiritual sustenance or expression, make people feel happy in body and mind, or emotional catharsis.The longevity of calligraphy is the inheritance of culture. In the history of calligraphy, everyone is basically a scholar. The calligraphy that is respected by people is made by Houde.Therefore, people’s preference for calligraphy is a comprehensive evaluation based on spirit, culture and virtue, rather than a simple technical evaluation.Do you like calligraphy well?

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