China Craftsman of the Year 2021

This article is transferred from: China Industrial NetworkCNC millers strong-arm reaction “(topic) – chief technician Liu Xiangbin shaanxi space time navigation equipment co., LTD. (subtitle) workers daily – zhonggong network reporter MAO the sunrise the correspondent Wish to March 2, CCTV broadcast the launch of “great power artisans of the year” in 2021, when introduced to shanxi space time chief technician Liu Xiangbin, navigation equipment co., LTD.The video shows the rocket military team participating in the 2019 National Day parade.Liu again broke down in tears.”More than 50 percent of the core navigation components of the rocket military team are supplied by us.It was the most emotional moment when I finally flashed my sword after years of sharpening it.Liu Xiangbin said.CNC milling workers for 40 years, the past vividly.”The spirit of The Sword” 38 workers dressed neatly, standing upright, in a line.This is the morning meeting of the company’s number milling group, a tradition left by Liu Xiangbin when he was the shift leader.In 1983, Liu Xiangbin transferred to the army assigned to the factory when CNC milling workers.”Just came, what is milling cutter, drill do not know, but I met a good master.Every day, the bag is filled with 13 technical school courses with books, practice during the day, at night to learn two or three, do not understand the place to consult the teacher the next day, half a year to learn technical school two years of lessons.”A year later, Liu earned his master nearly 100 yuan a month as a bonus because of his excellent performance.Six or seven years later, he became the backbone of the workshop.After a few years, when the team leader, in the number of milling circle small reputation.In 2000, the company introduced the world’s most advanced “five axis five linkage milling processing center”, Liu Xiangbin is responsible for the transfer of technology abroad, but “English” “software” let him headache.So, he bought English textbooks, from the alphabet to learn, and took out all savings 5,000 yuan, enrolled in classes to learn programming.To work, Liu Xiangbin has a strong.One year, liu xiangbin received an urgent task, led the team to eat and live in the workshop, did not go home for half a month, in order to save time, did not take off his clothes to sleep.Liu’s team only took 22 days to complete a task that ultimately took two months.”We are spaceflight people, what we want is the ‘sword’ spirit of taking the lead and assuming responsibilities.”Liu Xiangbin said.Chinese quality craftsmen, national technical expert, aerospace technology expert, Shaanxi model workers, three Qin craftsmen……In recent years, honors come, Liu Xiangbin is shuangbin frost.The CNC group of precision Machining Division of Liu Xiangbin is responsible for the precision ultra-precision turning and milling of key and important parts of national defense equipment inertial navigation system.In May 2018, Liu Xiangbin transferred to quartz hemisphere harmonic oscillator research, someone reminded him: “quartz glass is easy to collapse and crack, parts processing accuracy requirements are high, is an international problem.”Liu xiangbin did not shrink back. He consulted materials, visited colleagues, drew drawings and modeled…He pulled more all-nighters and went home with his mind full of micron-scale precision, blurry for a while.”I tried so many times. I failed so many times a day that I wanted to give up, but I finally pushed myself back.”One night in the middle of the night, Liu Xiangbin woke up from his sleep, put on his clothes and ran all the way to the workshop to measure all the products.It turned out that he dreamed at night that the products he processed during the day were 5 microns too large. After measuring them, he found that they were all the right size.”In the aerospace industry, especially for precision instruments, the products should be 100% fine. Things are destined for the sky, so there is no room for carelessness.”Finally, in February 2019, Liu Xiangbin far exceeded the scheduled requirements, successfully overcome the bottleneck of the development of the model, providing technical support for China’s aviation, ships, new defense equipment, satellite development, making China become the “leader” in the field of inertial navigation ultra-precision processing.Over the years, Liu Xiangbin led the team, self-made special fixture and tool more than 100 kinds, these tools are low cost, high processing quality.They succeeded in raising the qualified rate of ceramic products to more than 95.5% and increasing the processing efficiency by more than 3 times.In addition, the inertial navigation products assembled from gyro parts processed by them have participated in more than 50 large-scale test missions of national key defense equipment, manned spaceflight and lunar exploration projects, all of which have been successful.”This is my apprentice Lei Fang, a skilled technician in Shaanxi Province. I taught him all my skills.””My apprentice, Su Changfa, won the ‘Contribution award to Space’.””This is Pu Weidong, a shaanxi expert in national defense technology.”Walking in the workshop, Liu xiang bin proudly introduced.Externally, Liu xiangbin participated in the Shaanxi Military Model Labor Service Group, led a number of cross-industry teachers, and gave lectures as a visiting professor for many times.Working for 40 years, he has not remembered how many apprentices he took with him. Many of them have been promoted to technicians and senior technicians, becoming “comrade-in-arms” to fight together and complete countless urgent tasks.Since its establishment, Liu Xiangbin Innovation Studio has completed 18 management innovations and technological innovations, including “Transformation of hemispherical Dynamic pressure Motor Flexible Manufacturing System”.More than 100 rationalization suggestions were put forward, and more than 50 processes were optimized accordingly.The 22 key achievements and research topics have solved the most critical and urgent skill problems of the company and created direct economic benefits of more than one million yuan.Under his leadership, the ultra-precision machining level of the team has reached the first-class level in the industry, especially in the processing of micron and sub-micron high precision precision parts, and the processing accuracy and level of the cylindricity of the axis and the sphericity of the hemisphere have ranked first in northwest China.And face family, Liu Xiangbin feels to owe too much all the time.He was not with her when she gave birth;Rarely accompany her daughter, resulting in the child had “father love me or not” question……”Although I am retiring soon, I still have many goals and ideas.I will continue to do, for their love of the cause, for the space dream.”Liu Xiangbin said.Source: Li Jing, editor and producer of Workers’ Daily, All-China Federation of Trade Unions

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