After signing Ledo Tang Jie, Zhu Fangyu shouted Liaoning Li Hongqing, Hongyuan strong aid in the back

After signing lidle Shang Jie fangyu zhu from liaoning Li Hongqing, tigers of reinforcements in the back of the CBA season on March 1, in the third stage of the competition will be officially opened, the third stage will be the end of the regular single division into double division, in shenyang and shunde division respectively, the two conference held after finished the third stage of the regular season,Then we will hold our CBA All-Star game in Shunde Division. After the all-star game, the playoffs will officially start. At present, there are several schemes whether to hold the playoffs in Shunde Division or to return to home and away division, but the league has not officially decided.And now the team the most significance is the upcoming regular season CBA the third stage, the third phase of a total of 10 rounds, for guangdong, liaoning the two favourites for the title this season, liaoning present they lock in the regular season champion basically won’t have a big problem in particular, for guangdong,Their team at this stage is the fifth in the regular season, teams want to further improve their ranking, and to strive for in advance to avoid liaoning, guangdong because know if your regular season final ranking fourth ranked fifth, that also means you playoff semifinals will advance in liaoning.If this is the case for guangdong, this is not a ideal position, he to his regular season ranking ascend to the second or the third party is acceptable, so for guangdong, the remaining 10 rounds he must win the regular season wins with a 10 in a row, his ranking is expected to be a substantial rise,For guangdong in the past for a period of time in the early days of the second stage, the team first for Du Feng it after the first stage is finished, then lead the England squad for the game, so back to the club at the time that time has been intermittent training period without charge, making guangdong appeared in the opening game of the second phase stage achievement on the landslide, coupled with the early in the second stage,The team’s continuous arrival of some injuries, including Zhang Hao, Zhang Haojia, Zhao Rui, these key players have left the team after making guangdong team’s overall combat effectiveness has been a great impact.It also became the most direct guangdong continuous suffered two fuse, at present we see guangdong is also gradually the staff together, late in the second stage was more to the team to help the team to solve some of the crisis, the state of the whole team with a certain recovery, including the recent everyone know guangdong to Shang Jie completed the registration again, also will be completed in the third stage,With back after reinforcement lidle and Shang Jie, guangdong has the whole squad row of finally have to compete with – a power, and want to know after the regular season has already faced – double, guangdong now his psychological level is not dominant, but with his these reinforcements in place,This also makes guangdong team in the late if again touch liaoning team have confidence.Because these people did not come before the fight, and now there are a few more people in the heart to fight again, it is not easy to say who will win this late stage, and when zhu Fangyu was interviewed at the beginning of the third stage of the regular season, she had clearly started to shout loudly.He also expressed the hope that guangdong with ten round the rest of the team during the regular season’s overall ranking to ascend into the regular season in the second position, then this is enough to see that he is also through such words, to high-profile every song words – yelling Li Hongqing, tell you me hard now my ranking after I signed them,My goal was to improve my ranking to no. 2 in the regular season, to avoid the embarrassment of meeting Liaoning before the semifinals and make liaoning and Guangdong very likely to meet in the finals again this year.At the same time a bit more important fangyu zhu is once again a showdown, he will be in the third stage propaganda said he believes Zhao Rui formal comeback, accompanied by his announced a surprise, also means that the guangdong not only did he signed lidle and Shang Jie, means that the more big ace reinforcements Zhao Rui guangdong complete return is expected the third stage,Make team guangdong his overall waiting field configuration seems to be overall beyond team Liaoning.We know that recent back – pg this point appeared certain injuries, and instead, guangdong after people gather together in succession, back continuous supplement lidle Shang Jie, Zhao Rui back, his back is constantly supplement, the two teams are compared guangdong now is more and more advantages, so for now,Let this year’s CBA championship go, the trend is becoming more and more delicate, before Liaoning team has a big advantage, now Guangdong team gradually to win the balance to pull back, what is the winner maybe we can only give time to test.

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