The two newly confirmed cases in Guangzhou are from other places

Guangzhou, February 15 (Lin Jie, reporter from China Youth Daily) Tonight, the Information Office of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control.Chen Bin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, said that the city today found two cases of COVID-19 (mild) in people who came to Guangzhou.Case 1: female, 21 years old.On the morning of February 14th, I went to Nansha District, Guangzhou from outside the city, took a car to Guangzhou Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital for nucleic acid sampling at about 9:00 PM on the 14th, and then checked into Hilton Happy Friends Hotel in Huadu District. The nucleic acid test was initially positive at 8:30 PM on the 15th, and the re-sampling results of the municipal and district CDC were all positive.Case 2: female, 23 years old.On the morning of February 14, the same patient as Case 1 went from outer city to Nansha District, and then they had the same journey in Guangzhou.It was found to be positive during the close connection process of case 1, and it was the colleague of case 1 coming to ear.At present, the case has been transferred to The Eighth Hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University for treatment in isolation. Based on the clinical, imaging and laboratory test results, the medical treatment team has diagnosed the case as a mild case of COVID-19, and her condition is stable.The full genome sequencing of the virus is under way.After the outbreak of the epidemic, the third-level urban authorities in Guangdong province immediately activated the emergency response mechanism for epidemic prevention and control, quickly set up on-site headquarters, organized prevention and control forces to go down to the front line, resolutely upgraded control measures, orderly promoted epidemiological investigation, source tracing, prevention and control management, and implemented epidemic prevention measures such as final disinfection of relevant sites and environments.By 18 o ‘clock on February 15, guangzhou had screened 190 close contacts, 56 sub-close contacts, and a total of 86 key people.Nucleic acid was collected from all the above personnel, and all the results were negative, and all were brought into management.Two cases had four area comes to guangzhou, identify the key place 14 a, among them: 7: tianhe district pearl river new city industrial and commercial bank of manglietia zhuang hotel, reputation peak branch, LV Louis vuitton store swire remit, Dior swire collect women’s clothing store, hua cheng road lanshan, shop no. 525, tianhe road kopi luwak, guangzhou tianhe branch of China telecom;3 in Huadu District: Hilton Happy Friends Hotel, Nucleic acid Sampling Clinic of Guangzhou Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital for resumption of work and production, Xinjiang Istan Beauty Food City (Huadu Store);3 in Nansha District: Lifeng Hotel, 711 convenience store outside the first floor, and Century-old Lianxuan Convenience store;Panyu District 1: Chimelong Happy World.It is reported that 176 environmental samples were collected, of which 6 were positive in the hotel room where the patient lived and 1 was on the dining table, while the rest were negative.At present, Guangzhou is focusing on the deep and thorough flow regulation and tracing.We will comprehensively target risk personnel and eliminate potential risks.Source: China Youth Daily client

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