“Spring walk grassroots” their guard, guarding the reunion of thousands of families

Editor’s note: This Spring Festival, Guizhou ushered in a wide range of rain and snow weather, with the sudden drop in temperature, many sections of the province’s expressways appear varying degrees of freezing.In order to ensure people’s convenient travel and safe return home, on New Year’s Eve, when thousands of families push cups and change cups for family reunion, there is such a group of people, for “everyone”, abandon “small family”, silently stick to the first line of anti-coagulation protection.In the snow, they use their own guard, guarding the reunion of thousands of families.At seven o ‘clock in the morning, Song Wanqin, a law enforcement officer from the fourth brigade of guizhou Transportation Comprehensive administrative law enforcement Team, had breakfast with his colleagues, dressed in law enforcement equipment, and drove a law enforcement vehicle to start his day’s work.When inspecting the road section, Song Wanqin stopped his car and observed and recorded the real-time temperature at the temperature observation point. First stop, they came to G56 Hangrui Expressway Jinsha Bridge.Song wanqin and his colleagues walked along a muddy path all the way under the bridge to carry out their inspection.”There are no illegal buildings under the bridge, no piles of flammable materials, no displacement phenomenon found on the bridge deck…”After checking in, they went back the way they had come.Before boarding, they simply removed mud from their shoes, trouser legs and hands.”Our next point is to go to the new service area, can’t make dirty, the masses see bad.”Song Wanqin said.In the Xinhua service area, Song Wanqin and his colleagues inspected the situation of epidemic prevention and control, health management, food sales and civilized service in detail, and required the management staff of the service area to carry out epidemic prevention and control work strictly in accordance with the requirements, strictly check the shelf life of products sold, and constantly improve the quality of service.On this day, song wanqin and his colleagues patrolled nearly 140 kilometers along the section under their jurisdiction.”I feel guilty about not being able to spend Spring Festival with my son every year since he was born. Fortunately, my family are very supportive and understanding of my work.”This year is song Wanqin’s eighth year on the job, and his sixth year on the job.The 33rd year of his work he again volunteered to be on duty during the Spring Festival. “Arrange me to be on duty this year.”On the eve of the Spring Festival, the brigade is arranging the duty schedule during the Spring Festival. Zhu Minglong, 54 years old, volunteered again.In the morning of January 31, the temperature has dropped to 0℃, after breakfast, Zhu Minglong and colleagues in G56 Hangrui High-speed Jinsha toll station joint departments to carry out the Spring Festival joint law enforcement services.Patrol encountered returnees are trapped, ming-long zhu drives his own car escorted worker returnees law enforcement services in the home, ming-long zhu the initiative on the passenger vehicle, told passengers wear a mask, fasten your seat belt, and then count carefully, detailed passenger car information about registering, told the driver don’t illegal illegal driving, it must pay attention to safety driving journey,In case of emergency, we should report to the police in time.In 33 years of work, Zhu minglong has spent more than 20 New Year’s Eve on the road.Still have a few years to retire, as an old party member, old traffic person, Zhu Minglong applied for the Spring Festival duty again.He said that although he had given up the time to spend with his family, he felt no regrets when he saw every car leaving the road under his control and every traveler returning home safely.Squadron captain for his honor is more responsibility since the work, Dong Bin has been in the traffic law enforcement front line work.Over-limit management, accident rescue, large transportation verification, law enforcement evidence collection…Although only six years of service, but due to work hard to learn the business knowledge, Dong Bin showed a strong business ability, was promoted to guizhou transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement five teams four squadron captain.At the beginning of this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, dong bin took the initiative to “arrange” himself when he was on duty.On the night of January 30, a wide range of snowfall caused many sections of road in Bijie district to freeze. Since 21:30, Dong Bin and his colleagues have been spreading ice on the highway in shifts to remove snow and speed up the road.Hundreds of stranded vehicles were safely removed from the road at 8 a.m. on May 31 and returned to the squadron for rest.In the rainy and snowy weather, Dong Bin was on duty in the downhill section, reminding the passing company and passengers to slow down and pay attention to safety. After sleeping for 4 hours, Dong Bin returned to work again.Dong bin and his colleagues were preparing a New Year’s Eve dinner in the squadron when he was contacted.After dinner, they will drive the law enforcement vehicles and start a new round of inspections.”The travelling masses need us, and we are always there.”As the youngest squadron leader in the battalion, Dong bin said it was both an honor and a responsibility for him.During the Spring Festival, he and the squadron members will work together to protect the safety of people’s travel.This network reporter: Cheng Xi first trial: Cao Yi second trial: Li Baishan third trial: Wang Xingtao

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