South Korean Hwang Dae-heon embarrassed us by winning short track speed skating?It just shows how stupid he was

South Korea’s Hwang Dae-heon won his first gold medal at this year’s Winter Olympics in short track speed skating in the 1,500-meter final last night.At the moment of crossing the line, Hwang Daheon clenched his fists tightly, and his anger was suppressed for a long time.Those of you familiar with short-track speed skating will know that the track is narrow, so it is normal for athletes to touch each other during skating, and the strict rules sometimes nullified the results of those who crossed the line first.So, many of the first runners to cross the finish line don’t celebrate first, they wait for the judges to confirm.Only when the referee confirmed that they had not committed a foul did they celebrate with confidence.So why does Hwang dae-heon seem abnormal this time?To put it bluntly, Hwang was so confident in himself that he knew he was clean throughout the ride, so there was no way he could be called for a foul.After Hwang’s victory, South Korean netizens were so excited that they took to social media to celebrate hwang dae-heon, and quite a number of them even ridiculed us Chinese netizens for hacking hwang in the last 1,000-meter race.How can you be black at 1500 meters?Hwang Dae-heon is a clean champion!So what do you think about these ideas?To be honest, I laughed.The fact that Hwang dae-heon won this time does not embarrass us, but shows his previous stupidity.As we all know, Hwang Dae-heon was fined for passing a Chinese athlete in the 1000m short track speed skating race.”Illegal late pass coursing contact.”In other words, it is easier to understand that Hwang had no problem passing the Chinese in front of him on the straight into the corner, but if he had physically collided with the Chinese when passing, he would have been responsible.Originally, hwang dae-heon could not win a gold medal even if he skated 1,000 meters honestly, but it was not a problem to get a medal.But hwang did not skate well in order to get ahead of the Chinese.But this time, high-speed cameras caught him in full motion, and he did not escape justice.So think about Hwang dae-heon’s victory this time, in contrast to his previous actions.All I can say is, this player is a little late to wake up.If Hwang had played his cards right from the start, he wouldn’t have won the medal today.As a spectator, I am convinced that Hwang Dae-heon won the 1500 meters.As for his foul in the last 1000m race, I really think he was stupid.How did he think he could escape the 40 or so high-speed cameras on the scene?

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