“Hidden Dragon crouching Tiger” area people’s Hospital neurology attending doctor Wang Tao

The Spring Festival, for most people, is a time to say goodbye to the old and usher in the new and have a family reunion, but for medical workers, it is normal to stick to their posts during the holiday.This group of “Spring Festival not returning people” know that they shoulder the heavy task of healing the wounded and saving the dying, protecting life without stopping.Their busy figure has always been a unique and warm landscape during the Spring Festival holiday.On February 3, the third day of the Chinese New Year, Wang Tao, the attending physician of neurology of the District People’s Hospital, began to take nurses to make ward rounds from 8 o ‘clock in the morning: Uncle Xiao, who was 76 years old in bed 39, was in bed for a long time because of cerebral infarction. Wang Tao told him to keep exercising his right limbs and instructed his family members how to help him move his limbs.In bed 25, Mother-in-law Liu needs to take a large number of drugs every day. Due to her old age, every time she takes the medicine, it is difficult to swallow, so she has resistance. Wang Tao patiently explains to her the consequences of not taking the medicine on time and according to the actual situation, she changes the medicine which is easier to take.During the ward round, Wang Tao carefully checked the physical condition of every patient and told them in detail the precautions and treatment priorities. He knew the condition of every one of the 30 hospitalized patients well.By the time his morning ward rounds were over, it was 10:30 a.m., and the first thing Wang did when he walked into the office was to drink a tall glass of water. His voice was already hoarse after two and a half hours of talking to patients and family members.Wang Tao, from Guang ‘an, Sichuan Province, sticks to his post almost every Spring Festival holiday.”I’ve been a doctor for 10 years, and I hardly ever go back to my hometown for Spring Festival. I’m used to it.”Wang Tao told reporters that as a doctor, he must be on call and nervous all the time. Even if he is on leave at home, he may return to the hospital immediately because of the emergency of the patients he manages.In addition to being nervous and busy, the neurology department during the Spring Festival holiday is also full of warmth and affection.Wang Tao said that the joy of seeing the patient recover gradually and the touch of hearing the grateful words of the family members were all worth the hard work.”As a medical worker, curing patients is the first priority at all times.Although we can’t go home for reunions, we can let more patients get out of the hospital as soon as possible and reunite with their families, which is more rewarding than going home for reunions ourselves.”Wang tao said.”My parents have settled down with me in Wansheng, helping me take care of my 4-year-old daughter, and they don’t go back to their hometown often.”Wang Tao said that in his spare time, he and his parents still miss their relatives at home, but they are very supportive and understanding of his perseverance.”I’m just one of the medical workers who stayed on duty to protect lives during the Spring Festival.Communication is now very convenient, such as sending New Year’s greetings by video, sending voice messages every day and getting together in the cloud.”Wang tao said.Reporter Ye Lu Wansheng daily

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