For agriculture and rural work in 2022, we will focus on four major tasks and six tasks to ensure stability, ensure stability, and improve the quality of our work

This year is “difference” planning the implementation of a year, which forms a connecting link between the preceding and agriculture and rural areas will be the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council decision deployment earnestly, adhere to the word pledge, seek improvement in stability, firmly hold to ensure national food security and without scale Chinese two line, solid and orderly advance rural development, rural construction, rural governance focused on work,Take concrete actions to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th Great Victory.There are indeed many major issues in China this year, but there are also many risks and challenges. We must make sure that agriculture, rural areas and farmers are the cornerstone of steady growth and increase agricultural output, farmers’ income, and rural stability and tranquility.We have proposed that in the layout of our work, the focus should be on “four stable and four proposals”.First, we will stabilize the area of grain production and increase production capacity.We will keep grain supplies and corn stable, expand soybean and rapeseed production, lay a solid foundation for seed farming and agricultural machinery, and steadily increase overall agricultural production capacity.Second, we will stabilize the foundation of industrial development and improve economic performance.We need to keep policies stable, strengthen facilities, extend the industrial chain, expand the diversified functions of agriculture, develop the diverse value of rural areas, and promote high-quality and efficient agriculture.Third, we will maintain a steady pace and improve the quality of rural development.We will ensure that quantity is more important than quality and progress is more effective. We will make steady and steady progress in rural development and make it easier for rural residents to live and work.Fourth, farmers’ incomes remained stable and sustained.We will maintain the good momentum of increasing rural incomes through industry, employment and business startups, and reform, resolutely prevent large-scale poverty return, and promote prosperity for rural residents.With regard to our work priorities, we have put forward the “four important tasks” and the “six tasks”.Focusing on the two bottom lines of ensuring China’s food security and preventing large-scale poverty reduction, we will focus on the “four important tasks”.First, we will do everything possible to stabilize grain production.We will strictly implement the requirements that the Party and the government share responsibility for ensuring a stable area sown to grain. In particular, we will implement key measures such as late sowing of wheat in the upcoming spring farming season to promote weak grain production and turn it into stronger grain production. We will ensure that summer grain harvests are successful and that annual grain output is kept over 500 million metric tons.The second is to overcome difficulties to expand soybean oil.We will expand the planting of soybeans and coordinate the production of oilseeds such as rapeseed and peanut.Third, ensure a stable supply of “vegetable basket” products.We will strengthen the development of facilities in the north and bases for transporting vegetables from the south to the north, stabilize the basic production capacity of live pigs, and pay close attention to the production of other livestock and poultry, eggs and milk, and aquatic products.Fourth, we will continue to consolidate and expand our achievements in poverty alleviation.The focus will be on improving the mechanism for monitoring and helping prevent people from returning to poverty, developing industries with distinctive advantages to enrich the people, providing more employment assistance to workers who have been lifted out of poverty, and strengthening support for counties and resettlement areas in inhospitable areas that are key to national rural revitalization.We will carry out the “six tasks” in a coordinated manner, focusing on rural development, construction and governance.It is to make solid foundation of agricultural machinery of seed arable land earnestly.We launched a campaign to revitalize the seed industry, built 100 million hectares of high-standard cropland, and intensified efforts to strengthen areas of weakness in agricultural machinery and equipment.Second, we will improve industries with rural characteristics.We will strengthen agricultural modernization demonstration zones, modern agricultural industrial parks and other industrial development platforms, strengthen the development of cold chain logistics facilities for storing and keeping fresh agricultural products, and continue to work to ensure that products, products, and standards are met.Third, we will coordinate efforts to promote rural development.We will carry out a five-year campaign to improve the rural living environment, advance the rural toilet revolution in a steady and orderly manner, make coordinated progress in the treatment of rural household garbage and sewage, and improve infrastructure such as roads connecting villages and water supply in rural areas.Fourth, we will strengthen and improve rural governance with a focus on delivering real results.We will focus on accelerating the spread and use of the points-based, billing and digitalization systems to gradually solve problems such as high dowry prices.Fifth, we will continue to promote green agricultural development.With the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers as the focus, we will advance the prevention and control of pollution from non-point agricultural sources, continue to enforce a ten-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze river, and intensify efforts to improve agricultural production by reducing pollution, producing quality, producing quality, and producing standard agricultural products.Sixth, we will systematically plan and advance rural reform in the new stage.We will steadily and prudently advance the reform of the rural land plot, land plot, and land plot, improve the modern agricultural operation system, develop socialized agricultural services, and ensure that small farmers are connected to modern agriculture.365 Green organic food investment network – to create professional and accurate green food organic food investment agent to join the service platform!Enquiry hotline: 18629077668

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