Apple smart glasses exposed again, may use realityOS

Last year, the global social networking giant Facebook suddenly changed its name to Meta. It was just a simple name change, but it quickly became popular as a new term. At that time, many Internet technology giants (and of course many Chinese giants) jumped into the Meta race.At the same time, however, there are plenty of companies that may have been quietly doing it already.Take, for example, Apple.Since the end of last year, there have been more Revelations about Apple’s VR/AR glasses than in previous years.The news also gives us a clearer picture of Apple’s smart glasses.For example, it is said that apple will be at the end of this year or next year to launch its first intelligent glasses, apple smart glasses glasses will be a MR, because it does not belong to the VR or AR, but the properties of both two kinds of intelligent glasses, apple smart glasses price also is likely to be higher than $2000, and the latest news,Developers have found the word realityOS in Apple Store upload logs and open source code, so it is speculated that Apple smart glasses will run realityOS.From the movie Ready Player One, the concept of the metasomes is to give people a virtual world that is infinitely close to the real world, and people enter this world on the basis of smart glasses. Therefore, Although Apple is not so enthusiastic about the metasomes on the surface, it may be secretly making a big move.What do you think about that?

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