Nets news: Kyrie Irving was exposed to three big news, Harden was selected to provoke controversy, the threat of losing the season

On February 4, Beijing time, the Brooklyn Nets sent out three news, let’s take a look.Today, Joe Vardon writes about some little-known facts about basketball star Kyrie Irving for The Athletic.First, selected by the knight said Vardon OuWenGang is excited, and all the staff are very comfortable, but with the season, Owen first coach break into a furious rage, then and vitesse noisy over, in addition, Owen also often indulged in Cleveland pulsating nightlife, and thus missed the team training or activities many times.A few years later, when James decided to return to the Cavs, the Cavs equipped him with personal assistants, trainers and bodyguards, which made Irving feel uncomfortable that he wasn’t being treated equally. His feud with James began to grow, and he filed for a trade to leave the team.It can be seen from this matter, Owen has been a rebellious, Bohemian “thorn”.Then, Vardon reported that two of irving’s closest friends who came to the Nets three years ago are no longer with the team.The other is Owen’s longtime personal trainer Robin Pound.It is not difficult to speculate that Irving’s discomfort and restlessness on and off the court have made his confidants and friends unbearable, and they are no longer willing to work with Irving. If Irving continues to be self-willed, treason will be a big probability.Finally, Vardon reports on what happened when Irving was suspended by the Nets this season. During his absence from the team, Irving visited his tribe and spoke to an older, respected female member of the tribe. Irving said basketball was just a job for him.Owen’s original intention, of course, be no problem, but he do not tunnel, since it is work, work so the money should be granted, the results of Owen absenteeism (refused to vaccinate) not only, also trying to occupy the moral high ground, who says he is stick to faith, to speak more vulnerable groups, is really “became a bitch and want to set up memorial arch”.At the same time, on the other hand, the amount of negative news that has come out of Irving all of a sudden probably means he’s not too far away from being traded.Harden, Lavine, Butler, Garland, Middleton, Tatum, VanVleet, vanvleet, Towns, Booker, Doncic, Mitchell, Chris Gobert, Chris Paul and Green are the east and West reserve players for the 2022 Cleveland All-Star Team, the NBA announced today.It’s worth noting that with this selection, Harden now has 10 career All-Star selections, tied with Anthony for fourth most active NBA all-star selections, followed by James (18), Paul (12) and Durant (11).But for the inclusion of harden, domestic and foreign each big BBS, the media and fans had two very different views, some people said: “Mr Harden didn’t qualification all-star, don’t know how to pull the hip time this season, yesterday is 37 minutes only 4 points, he selected for those who have been good but regret losing the stars is so unfair.””Harden hasn’t been consistent this season, but overall, 22.5+8+10 is phenomenal, and there aren’t many players playing better than him, so even if harden is down significantly from what he’s been in the past, it’s still fair to say he’s an All-Star.”So what do you think about that?Mascherano could season earlier today, the names are written Zach Lowe in their own podcast about the nets forward Joe Harris, Lowe said Harris ankle arthroscopy surgery at the end of November, when the expected recovery of 4 to 8 weeks, but now his recovery is very not ideal, continuous injury appear repeatedly, sources said,Harris may not even be back this season.Later, Harris’ rep confirmed the news in a post, saying: “It is a difficult situation and we are currently evaluating whether to have a second ankle operation.The final decision will be made in a week or two.If Harris undergoes ankle surgery again, it could mean he’s out for the rest of the season, which would be bad news for the Nets.On the one hand, Harris is one of the league’s best shooters, without him, the Nets outside firepower, the overall offensive space has been greatly affected, the regular season is afraid it is difficult to get a satisfactory ranking;On the other hand, the trade deadline is approaching (February 11), Harris is in a long recovery period, the trade value is minimal, not many teams dare to trade with the Nets, the Nets have to keep him, wasted 1, 500 million opportunities.I have to say, the Nets have had a very difficult season.

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