Gu ‘an to increase the supply of daily necessities for residents

Hebei News Network (reporter Xin Zhongshuang, Sun Liang Hebei Daily reporter Zhou Yujia) “We identified 12 in the county area of the relatively large scale of the commercial super, these 12 commercial super have more than 100 trucks, more than 1800 staff.Every day from gu ‘an outside the region, within the region of multiple channels for goods distribution.At the same time, the daily report of sales and inventory, to ensure adequate supply, price stability, stable supply, to meet the needs of gu ‘an people.A few days ago, Gu ‘an County development and reform bureau deputy director Tang Ji ge said.In order to ensure the supply of daily necessities for residents during the epidemic prevention period, Gu ‘an County Development and Reform Bureau strengthened the organization of supply, guaranteed the smooth flow of logistics, strengthened the monitoring of market prices, and made every effort to ensure adequate supply and overall stable prices of important livelihood commodities.According to the characteristics of the market and the changes in the epidemic situation, Gu ‘an County Development and Reform Bureau acted quickly to ensure that large supermarkets were stocked and replenishing, and 12 large supermarkets worked overtime to customize the livelihood distribution staff special certificate and special vehicle pass.In order to avoid people gathering, organize large supermarkets to supply daily necessities online.At the same time, the bureau launched a daily report system for the supply and marketing of daily necessities, strengthening the market monitoring of daily necessities such as rice, flour, oil, meat, vegetables, eggs, milk, sugar and salt, and accurately grasping the supply and consumption of major daily necessities.”The price Information Service Center of the Development and Reform Bureau will strengthen price inspection, increase the frequency of monitoring, expand the number of monitoring sites, and conscientiously do a good job of price monitoring during the Spring Festival, winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics.At present, according to the monitoring data, the overall operation is smooth.”The price information service center director Xu Na said.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.

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