Euler good cat owners share self-drive home strategy, long endurance + fast charging easy running

With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, many of us are taking stock of what we’ve accomplished and what we haven’t accomplished in the past year.In fact, at the beginning of 2021, I also made a plan, that is, I want to have a cat, now I have achieved half of this wish, because the rented apartment does not allow cats, so I have a “big cat”, it is euler good cat.Good, though not a real cat, euler cat brought joy to my company and is for the many, open daily commute, happy weekend to say come away road, about dinner and a couple of friends, is it accompany around me, it’s not, to the Spring Festival, and euler good cat assists all the way on the way home, as an electric “cat”, it is also quite.My city is about 300km away from my hometown, and my good cat is 501km long battery version, so it is basically no problem to go home. However, even if there is any unexpected small situation, I will not panic, because the fast charging technology of Euler good cat is not decoration, it can drive 100km in 12 minutes.Fast charging half an hour can charge the electricity from 30% to 80%, if the midway electricity is insufficient, I will find a place to charge in time, by the way, find a restaurant to have a meal, and so on after dinner, Euler good cat also added energy, one person a cat continue on the road, toward home direction of joy.In fact, it is my driving skill that is the real problem compared with the endurance. Before I got euler Cat, I had not driven a car for several times, and my friends called me “road killer”.But euler good cat gave me on the road of them, such as when driving on the highway, in order to relax tense nerves, I’ll open the ACC adaptive cruise system, good cat to euler intelligent speed slow down, keep a safe car following, and follow the vehicle parking, start, and I as long as the incarnation supervisors, direction and checking traffic control.In crowded road conditions, FCW collision warning can also timely remind me, so as to prevent collisions, so that I can feel at ease driving.The “big cat” has been kept for several months, accompany I have been to a lot of places, friends by circle powder, it also want to start a car, good unfortunately opportunely, euler’s recent good cat have benefits, on January 1 to January 31, buying a car can get meow star people adopt rights, contains meow type yue heart, peace of mind, meow meow type type intimate ceremony and so on six heavy gifts,This wave is not deficient!The friend heart unceasingly, hurriedly went to order a car.

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