Dermatologist: Pigmented mole turning white?What’s going on?Is it vitiligo?

Around the Spring Festival, several parents brought their children to see a doctor because of “the same skin problem”.What kind of skin problem is it?That is, the original pigment nevus on the face or body and the skin around the pigment nevus “gradually turn white”.This is actually a manifestation of “halo nevus”.What is halo nevus?Halo nevus, also known as “Sutton nevus” or “detached acquired leucoplakia”, is a skin disease characterized by circular or nearly circular “depigmentation areas” around the original “melanin nevus”.Studies have estimated the incidence of this “halo nevus” to be around 1% in the general population, with a higher incidence in certain syndromes, such as Turner syndrome.The cause of halo nevus is still unknown, but it may be related to “t-cell-mediated cellular immune response” (simply put, the immune system of the body destroys the nevus cells and surrounding melanocytes, causing the gradual “decoloration” of the nevus and the surrounding skin to turn white).What skin problem does halo nevus have to concern with likelihood?Nevus halo may be related to “vitiligo” and “melanoma”.In particular, the relationship with “vitiligo” may be more obvious (some research data estimated that about 1%-47% of halo nevus may develop vitiligo);The possibility of “melanoma” is relatively “small”, especially the younger patients with halo nevus is extremely rare, and the older patients need to improve the relevant examination to exclude.Appeared halo nevus how should handle?For most nevus, the rash can be closely observed without excessive treatment. If it affects the appearance, laser treatment can be given to remove it. It is possible that the local white rash will be “multicolor”.If the “appearance nature” of the halo nevus rash is not good, there is an “atypical” performance, it is necessary to do the relevant examination in the hospital in time to make a clear diagnosis, and then decide the way of treatment.(Medical card has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view)

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