There is a county in the north of Chenzhou. It is the only county in Chenzhou that has no access to high-speed railway

Open the map of Chenzhou, chenzhou looks like a camel, on the camel’s hump is the northern part of Chenzhou, there is a county called Anren County.Anren county, located between Hengyang and Zhuzhou, is one of the northernmost counties in Chenzhou and one of the two counties in Chenzhou without expressway.In the west of Anren County there is the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway and in the east there is the Wu-Shenzhen Expressway. The two expressways go through Chenzhou in parallel, and Anren is just in the middle of the two expressways, both of which perfectly avoid Anren.Especially the Wu-Shen Expressway, if you go in a straight line, this highway can directly through Anren, but unfortunately in the north of Anren beautiful turn, to the east of Anren…In this way, if anren people want to get on the highway, they can only pass the Quannan Expressway in the north of Anren. Quannan Expressway has an entrance and exit in Zhuzhou, which is the nearest entrance and exit of the expressway from Enron.Thankfully, there is a railway in Anren, the only county in Chenzhou with a railway station.However, the railway station is far from the county seat of Anren, so it is still a little inconvenient for anren people to take the train, but it solves the gap of no railway in Anren.Anren county is located in the north of Chenzhou, because there is no highway, so the economy in Chenzhou is not outstanding, but Anren county is a developed agricultural county in Chenzhou.For example, Longhai navel orange, Haoshan Haofeng tea, pingshang edible fungi, rice are famous in Hunan Province.However, the history of no expressway in Anren county is expected to change. The construction of chaling changning Expressway will give Anren more than 60 kilometers of expressways, and three entrances and exits will be set up in Anren, which will bring great help to the travel of anren people.Anren, a small hump county riding on camels, has access to high speed and railway, and I believe that economic development will be faster!

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