Canyons, peaks, caves, hidden rivers…Small secret realm big scenery

Located in enshi Prefecture in the southwest of Hubei province, there are “the most wild” mountains and rivers – Qingjiang river through the canyon, both sides of the cliff water waterfall.A number of ethnic minorities live here. Waving dance, dragon boat tune and Xilankapu are their usual ways to relieve boredom.The mysterious latitude of 30 degrees north passes through here, creating deep cracks in the earth, sinkholes, caves, rivers…Enshi landscape and customs, is waiting for people to come to explore.Enshi Grand Canyon enshi Grand Canyon is the most famous scenic spot in Enshi, a total length of 108 kilometers of canyon erosion by the Yunlong River, waterfalls and springs on both sides, rugged rocks, standing alone peak, presenting the most typical karst landform.In the Yunlong River seam scenic spot, you can see the steep cliff walls, water from the dark river flying down the walls.If the weather is fine, you can see a rainbow.The two walls of yunlong River ground seam are straight up to the sky, and the width of the gap is basically the same, which is different from the general ground seam.A joss stick in qixing Village is the name card of Enshi Grand Canyon.With a minimum diameter of only 4 meters and a height of more than 150 meters, the peak pillar is still standing after thousands of years of wind and rain, which is very rare among similar karst landforms.The whole Enshi Grand Canyon landscape rich, beautiful, after the rain is beautiful and moving, a “qingjiang white clouds, cliffs even peak clusters” Luyuanping is said to have been introduced by mountain deer into this giant slip-shaped sinkhole, so it was named Luyuanping. Now there are more than 20 families in Yuanping, including Pei, Li, Zhu and Hou.Luyuan Ping, with an average elevation of 1,700 meters, is surrounded by cliffs, forming a natural barrier.Luyuan Ping is the only village in banqiao town that can not access the road.The enclosed natural environment makes Luyuan Ping a hidden beauty, but once you enter it, you will be shocked by the unfolding scenery before you.Quiet mountain forest, quiet water cave, clear waterfall, century-old stone arch bridge, and the size of bitan deep pool — daughter Tan, deer Drink Tan……All let lu yuan ping to enshi must go to the destination.Enshi Tun Banqiao town New tian village ⏰ 8:30-15:30 128 yuan Geocore Valley heart valley is also called “Shimen River”, this is not wide river hidden in the deep valley cracks, the uncanny workmanship of nature will this valley polished into a beautiful landscape gallery.Entering the Geocentric Valley scenic area, you can see a glass bridge suspended in the sky, which is the highest and longest glass bridge in southwest Hubei province.Standing on the bridge, the gorge is at your feet and the whole valley is in front of you.After walking on the glass bridge, you will sometimes be at the water’s edge of the valley, sometimes at the top of the mountain, along the 5.8km walkway built on the cliff.Walking on the 4,000-year-old “Ba Yan Ancient Road” feels like going back to ancient times, following the ancient people from the narrow valley of the core to the outside world.At night you can stay in the cliff glass b&B, looking at the morning mist, night starry sky.Jianshi County Gaoping town ⏰ 8:00-15:30 120 yuan Qingjiang Ancient Riverbed Qingjiang ancient riverbed is the site left after qingjiang, mother river of Enshi, changed its course, located in the deep mountain valley not far from lichuan city.The ancient riverbed is eight or nine kilometers long from The third group of Huangnipo Fenshui Village to the fourth group of Bijia Mountain Village.Along the way will pass the Qingjiang River, steep slope, meadow, farm, riverbed boulder heaps, underground river, ground seam, etc., is a good place for hiking.If you are not staying in the mountains, you can take 5-6 hours to complete the entire route and then return to licheon City.Basic hiking routes: yellow earth slope water village – a black hole – meadows farm – – exclusive village – three longmen ancient riverbed, 2 gantry, gantry, big lawn – top table – pass – bamboo – after natural tunnel hole – the sight – pingshan pingshan canyon gorge bijia mountain village is located in east longitude 110 ° and 30 ° interchange, north latitude for the top of the mountain named ping kuang, mountain side of the screen.Pingshan Gorge has unique landforms, nearly 20 kilometers long from north to south and less than 5 kilometers wide from east to west. The mountain forms are diverse, surrounded by towering cliffs and streams, forming rare canyon and ground crevice scenery.The water here is clear and transparent, and when the sun shines, boats float on the water, so pingshan Valley is also known as “China’s Semporna”.The boat ride past the Full Moon Bridge and through The Black Dragon Pool is one of the most beautiful sights in the canyon — the sound of paddles slicing through the water is all you can hear, and you may wish time had stopped there.Pingshan Village, Rongmei Town, Hefeng County ⏰ 8:30-15:30 RMB 210 Suobuya Stone Forest The Suobuya Stone Forest is a “stone array” with an average height of about 10 meters.The towering stones are layers of Ordovician limestone, formed 460 million years ago.The stone circle is divided into qinglong Temple, Liubuguan, Lotus Village and Liziping scenic spots. The phenomenon of “dissolving grain” and “wearing crown stone forest” in the rock layer is the most peculiar. It takes 2-3 hours to visit the whole stone forest completely.The sobuya stone forest is densely vegetated with cryptomeria, paulownia, lampstand trees and patches of ferns.Enshi City Sun River township ⏰ 8:00-18:00 90 Yuan 02 step into the ancient village Yusimu Village Yusimu village is the magnificent representative of Jingchu culture, located in 318 national highway line Lichuan to Wanxian on the way, located on the top of the flat, is the best-preserved Tujia shanzhai in China.Yu Mu Zhai got its name because of its easy to defend and difficult to attack geographical location, just like the fate of wood seeking fish — in ancient times, ma, Tan two chieftain tusi war, Yu Mu Zhai dangerous terrain tan Chieftain long unable to attack.There are many historical sites in the village, including 10 carved stone tombs from the Qing Dynasty, which are scattered in the fields and hidden in the grass and trees.The tomb of Cheng Yonggao, which was built in the fifth year of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty (1866), is the largest in size. More than 90 figures of flowers and birds are engraved on the tombstone.There are not many old houses in yumu village, “Liujitang” is one of the well-preserved old houses, with a history of more than 100 years and a pattern of siheyuan.The floor of the courtyard is paved with neat stones. In the middle of the hall is a cabinet with a curved eaves, and on both sides are slightly dilapidated wooden buildings.More than 100 Tujia households in the village still retain their traditional Tujia life, food, marriage, funeral and construction customs, so come here to experience.Lichuan City 318 national Road 40 yuan Xiaoxi Village Xiaoxi village named after the River, is a salt road bashu ancient village, 45 kilometers away from enshi City.Located in the middle reaches of the village stream, Hu Family courtyard is the best-preserved ancient residential building community in Enshi, which consists of three large courtyards of stilted buildings and some small courtyards of stilted buildings.Every one or two li, there is a large courtyard set off in the bamboo, wood forest, like a string of beads, dotted with stars.Xiaoxi has more than 100 Hu households, accounting for more than 90% of the total population of xiaoxi group.Because xiaoxi village is located in remote areas, the ecological culture is well preserved, forming a “pure land” of farming civilization.Dajing Ancient Building Group in Shengjiaba Town, southwest of Enshi City Dajing ancient Building Group was built in the late Ming dynasty and early Qing Dynasty. The whole building group is grand in scale, carved beams and painted buildings, and exquisite in technology, which is breathtaking.The complex consists of li Liangqing Manor, Li Gaiwu Manor and Li Ancestral Hall, covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters.Enter the south gate, walk along the stone road of the farmhouse for about 10 minutes, and you will see the Lee Manor, a building with black tiles and white walls, standing on the high ground.The gate is written with four characters of “Green Lotus beauty shade”, climbing to protect Li Bai as the ancestor, by Yang Li’s family status is not good, showing the infinite scenery of Li’s past.Dajing building is a combination of Tujia architecture, Hui-style architecture and Western architectural styles. After many times of construction, nowadays these ancestral halls are like a string of still notes, silently reflecting the rise and fall of a family.Lichuan City Baiyangba Town Well village ⏰ 8:00-17:30 50 yuan 03 Explore strange caves Tenglong Cave Tenglong Cave from Lichuan city is only a 20-minute drive, this Wuling giant cave in the world’s proven cave length ranks seventh.This is the most characteristic limestone karst cave in western Hubei, the essence of all kinds of karst cave in it.To enter the scenic area, you must first walk along the qingjiang river in front of the cave, and then watch the huge water flow into the dark hole into the ambush – a spectacular scene known locally as “Wolong Swallowing the River”.And the cave is another world, there are mountains in the cave, there are holes in the mountain, water holes and drought holes connected, there are sunlit skylights, there are wide calm lakes, and exquisite stalactites.In addition to the natural scenery, the laser water curtain show and song and dance show are also not to be missed.Chaoyang Cave Chaoyang Cave is named because the cave is oriented to the east, with a preliminary proved cave area of more than 200,000 square meters.The whole cave is surrounded by mountains and looks dark and deep from the outside. It is said to have been the habitat of bats, also known as “bat cave”.In the hole you can swim “Juxian Hall”, across the “Milky Way ring water”, view “Penglai Fairyland”.Chaoyang Village, Nanping Township, Lichuan city ⏰ all day 65 yuan 04 Taste Enshi food and slag © Bubble lemon tea/public comments “pepper when salt, slag New Year”, Enshi Tujia people have a deep affection for the slag, in the era of food shortage, it fills the stomach of many people.He zha is also called lazy tofu, which is a small hot pot form of Enshi characteristic food, although the ingredients are simple, but the taste is endless.After the soya bean is ground into dregs with water, a small iron pot is used to boil the freshly ground dregs with green vegetables and radishes. The frankincense of the dregs is mixed with the freshness of vegetables, accompanied by various small dishes of cold dishes, which taste endless.As a popular producer of small potatoes, Enshi has a wide variety of cuisines, the most popular of which is the kang potato, which can be found everywhere in the streets.The giver had briquettes burning on a small stove, and a saucepan on the fire was filled with small potatoes. He poured in cooked vegetable oil, covered the pan with a lid, and cooked it carefully.Until the small potatoes are golden brown on both sides, then sprinkled with chillies and sauces, they are soft and delicious.The history of Tujia Diaosi cake can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States Period. Tujia Diaosi Cake was once a tribute to the court by the Tujia people, and now it has become a nationally famous delicious snack.It’s made by wrapping fillings such as sichuan peppercorns and diced pork in old noodles and sprinkling scallions and sesame seeds.Freshly baked baked cakes are a little hot, one bite down and rustle down the crumbs, crispy and salty, fragrant onion overflow.Smell of oil © Celiaqi/public View The smell of oil is “fried baba”. You can find oil stalls everywhere in Enshi.The snack, which is fried with shredded potatoes, eggs, minated meat and scallions wrapped in rice milk, is popular among locals and can be found at danyang Night Market, Daughter City and Hexangting Old Street.Bean skin is the most common kind of breakfast in Enshi streets and lanes. Although it is called bean skin, it is very different from wuhan’s bean skin.Made from potatoes, corn, rice and mung beans, it is baked on an iron plate in a similar shape to noodles, but with more strength and grain flavor.Enshi bean skin can be eaten in various ways, such as fried bean skin, bacon bean skin, paste soup bean skin and so on. Its taste is solid and tough, and it is very refreshing.”Ge Ge” is a kind of breakfast similar to steamed pork. The main ingredients are all kinds of meat — beef, pork, lamb, fatty sausage ge ge, sparerib ge ge, etc.Gege is served in a round steamer about the size of a bowl, mixed with spices such as chili, clear oil, sichuan pepper and garlic. It is spicy and delicious, fresh but not greasy.Preliminary review | Aiting and Helena review | Final Review | Ma Lotian Pictures | Graphic worm ideas (except for marks)

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