22 o ‘clock Chinese women’s football decisive battle against Japan!CCTV refused to charge for live broadcasting and online platforms, sparking controversy online

Beijing time, February 3, tonight at 22:00 Chinese women’s football will be Asian cup semi-final against the old rival Japan women’s football.However, as of now, CCTV has no plans to live broadcast the match. Based on previous live broadcasts of the women’s football match against Vietnam, CCTV will not live broadcast tonight’s match against Japan, and online platforms Such as Migu Video and IQiyi have to pay to watch the Chinese women’s football match, which has sparked criticism online.For many platforms do not live broadcast women’s football matches for free, what do you think? Welcome to comment and discuss.The Chinese women’s national football team will play its arch-rival Japan in the semi-final of the Asian Cup tonight.The Japanese women’s football team is indeed very strong, winning 2 and drawing 1 in the group stage, scoring 9 goals and conceding only 1.Japan beat Thailand 7-0 in the knockout round.Japan won the 2011 Women’s World Cup and won the 2014 and 2018 Asian Cup.As for this year’s Asian Cup title, Japan’s women’s team is naturally aiming for a third straight title.Facing such a strong Japanese women’s football team, does China’s women’s football team really have no chance?I don’t think so.After Jia Xiuquan’s dismissal, The Chinese women’s football team welcomed Shui Qingxia as head coach, and the competitive state of the women’s football team is very few.Vietnam also won the knockout round.The girls’ condition and confidence have been greatly improved.Why don’t CCTV broadcast such an important match of Chinese women’s football team?I think there are two considerations.The first is that women’s football fans market is relatively small, ratings are not necessarily high.Although Chinese football is not good, but the attention of the national football team is very high.However, the attention of women’s soccer is still a little less than that of men’s soccer.Another factor may be the fear of women’s football losing.Two days ago, the men’s football team lost a humiliating defeat to the Vietnamese national team, triggering a storm of online abuse.If the Chinese women’s soccer team loses to the Japanese team again tonight, it could do some harm to the future development of Chinese soccer.Overall consideration, perhaps CCTV or decided to give up live women’s football match bar.After all, the fighting spirit of the women’s football team is much stronger than that of the men’s football team. I really want to see the brave women’s football team fighting on the field during the Spring Festival. It is really thoughtless for CCTV not to broadcast the women’s football match live.

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