Ready to go?Guangdong CDC sends you 4 health tips!

There are still 2 days to go before the Spring Festival of 2022. Many people choose to stay in local areas for the Spring Festival due to the severe epidemic situation. However, going home for the Spring Festival is a complex that cannot be forgotten by many people.If you really need to be a member of the “Spring Festival travel army”, you are advised to check the latest epidemic prevention policies of your destination on The State Council mini program to make relevant preparations.When traveling, take an epidemic prevention bag with multiple disposable surgical masks, one bottle of hand sanitizer about 60 ml/bottle, one packet of disinfectant wipes, one packet of dry paper towels, multiple disposable gloves and plastic bags.Tip passenger stations and airports are not allowed to carry alcohol-based sanitizers. Citizens can use independent small packages of cotton pads, disinfectant wipes or alcohol-free hand sanitizers.When traveling for a long time, it is recommended to carry some common medicines, such as motion sickness medicine, cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, painkillers, band-aids, etc.In crowded or closed public places (especially in subway, bus, high-speed train, airplane, van elevator and other confined Spaces), disposable medical masks or surgical masks should be worn correctly at all times.Masks should be replaced immediately if they become dirty, deformed, damaged or smelly. Wear each mask for a maximum of 8 hours.Re-use of masks that have been used on interregional public transport or in hospital Settings is not recommended.Due to the risk and comfort of wearing, it is not recommended for the general public to wear medical protective masks (N95 and above), particulate respirators (such as KN95, N95, FFP2, etc.), and respirators with breathing valves.Do not wear a mask when the distance between people is more than 1 meter.When buying tickets, going through security checks, waiting for trains, walking on platforms and using escalators, try to keep a distance of more than 1 meter from other passengers and minimize conversation. Choose to wait in well-ventilated areas as much as possible.Pay attention to personal hygiene Pay attention to hand hygiene. When washing hands without running water on public transportation, use hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes to clean hands.In all cases, hands should be washed immediately upon arrival with soap or hand sanitizer and running water.Avoid direct contact with public goods. You can wear disposable gloves or use paper towels to separate them from each other. For direct contact, clean your hands immediately and do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.Don’t spit everywhere. Cover your mouth and nose with tissue or elbow when coughing or sneezing.Eat and drink as little as possible when taking public transport. If you need to eat, you should bring your own food.If you eat in a restaurant, try to eat at the wrong peak. It is recommended that the interval be misplaced or eat on the same side, and keep more than 1 meter away from others.Four, appear unwell early report do not travel with illness.If you wear a mask regularly throughout the journey, you can reduce the risk of infection even when someone sneezes. If the person sneezes close to you, you can cover your mouth and nose with your elbow, or turn your head or lower your head to avoid face-to-face contact.When taking public transport, you should pay attention to the physical condition of yourself and the passengers around you. If you have fever, dry cough and other symptoms, you should report to the passenger or crew member in time. Under the coordination of the passenger or crew member, you should let the passengers with fever or cough sit in the observation area of the transport vehicle and wait for treatment.Wish you a safe trip home for the New Year!Arrived in

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