Luonan ancient town: Party building leads to double vitality

The ancient towns of Luonan County adhere to the party construction as the “first start” to promote rural revitalization, hit the “combination”, sing the “fusion song”, draw the “concentric circle”, draw the new picture of the rural revitalization of livable, suitable for business, effectively stimulate the new vitality of rural revitalization.Deepen the party branch “1 + 1” ancient town, village “two committees” after the transition, the town party committee, in accordance with the thinking of “strong with the weak”, in a village built, village lianjian village build based on enterprises, the factory party branch 22 for the whole town, learn from each other in the party branch work, break the development difficult problem, to enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organizations at the grass-roots level.Cultivate the village-level “leading geese”, continue to build the “three-level” secretary team, carefully train the “three-level” secretary team, through learning and training, observation and exchange, actual combat training and other forms of ability training, promote the “three-level” secretary ability and quality “double improvement”, constantly improve the ability of talent team to govern rural revitalization.In order to strengthen discipline guarantee for rural revitalization, we have innovated the “two, three and three” working mechanism of “two, three and three”, consolidating the responsibilities of officials, specifying work tasks, clarifying assessment criteria, and promoting a fundamental change in the conduct of officials.In accordance with the requirements of the county Party Committee’s “100-member league” to take the lead in rural revitalization, the town Party Committee has set up a “think tank” for party organization secretary, a “village governance advisory group” for outgoing village cadres, a “women’s group” and an “advisory group” for economic development, and issued letters of appointment to its members to clarify the discipline requirements, so that they can truly play a leading role as models.Secretary to form a “studio”, in the Lian Village build secretary “studio”, establishing learning, help, comparison, communication, incentive system of “five”, six responsibilities clearly, since May 2021, three area of 20 party branch secretary of the organization learning for many times, the development difficult problem, should be resolved effectively solves the problems of some village cadres not dry, not for the problem.Ran out of the “acceleration”, the “one hundred group” members of the demonstration, the town built in edible fungi industry, gastrodia elata planting industry, shaanxi gold wing clothing los south branch phase ii project and other industry demonstration base, development of gastrodia elata, edible fungus, tsao, medicinal herbs, such as new varieties XiTianGua industry, synchronous development of tomato, small white cucumber, acorn bean jelly, such as industry,It provides hard industrial “support” for rural revitalization.The town gives full play to the role of party spirit physical examination center, new era civilization practice station, wechat public number, and uses the theme party day to study and educate party members every month.Since last year, all party branches have regularly carried out party physical examination, voluntary practice activities, and legal propaganda activities, achieving the purpose of educating people.The improvement of the “three integration” a nuclear country modernization management system, establish town, village, group 3 grid management, to the village a regulation “four” LiangGongKai making major decisions, set up perfect village “two committees” joint conference, such as villagers, the villagers’ representatives meeting system, establishment of red and white board, formulation of village, the form and carrier activities through innovative negotiation,Constantly stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of the broad masses to participate in rural governance.Give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, in accordance with the requirements of “six qing six governance six no”, the town of more than 1000 party members actively participate in the renovation of the living environment, take the lead in promoting the change of customs, high price bride gifts, lavish burial and poor support, conduct, extravagance and waste and other old habits have been effectively curbed.

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