How long will it take to repaint the car?What should we pay attention to after repainting?

Car paint needs a day or so of time, and the need to fill how much area.If it is just a simple paint, without the need for putty, it can be completed in a few hours.The small range that needs be bored with child fills lacquer, the time that needs a day or so about.Don’t forget to wash your car for two or three days after repainting.If a large area needs to be repainted, it will take some time.The process of paint repair is very complicated. The original factory cars are processed by baking paint, which is not easy to fall off and fade under the high temperature of several hundred degrees.Therefore, in the process of painting, a master with mature technology will make the paint surface and the original factory up and down, so the process of painting is very slow.What should we pay attention to after repainting?After painting, do not pay attention to high-pressure car washing directly, nor for a long time exposure, but do not use cleaning agent on the paint surface.1, pay attention not to wash the car directly with high pressure water gun, water pressure is too large, will lead to the body just do paint wear, the best way to wash the car is to use water to wash the stains on the surface simply.2. Do not expose yourself to the sun for a long time, which will speed up the shedding of the paint.The most important thing is never to wash the car directly when the engine is just flameout, otherwise it will speed up the aging of the engine.3, do not use cleaning agent to clean the car face, because the car will have some bird excrements, gum and other stains on the way to use, you will naturally use some cleaning agent to clean, but different cleaning agent, function is different, do not easily use.

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