Good news!Linhe has a new batch of cervical cancer vaccines

Cervical cancer is one of the three major gynecological malignancies, seriously affecting women’s health, HPV (human papillomavirus) is one of the high risk factors.The cervical cancer vaccine, which protects against HPV (human papillomavirus) infection, reduces the risk of cervical cancer.On January 13, eight community health service centers and Shuguang Hospital in Linhe District began to receive the latest batch of domestic bivalent cervical cancer (HPV) vaccine.This batch can meet the vaccination needs of 1000 people.Just after 3 PM, the reporter in the Linhe District Solidarity office community health service center to see people who came to get cervical cancer vaccine are lining up for vaccination.Linhe area unity does community health to serve center to protect stationmaster Wang Hongxia tells a reporter, the 600 injection vaccine that comes down this allocation has all made an appointment to finish, in order to have inoculation.Ms. Ma, who came to get vaccinated, told reporters: “I knew it was difficult to make an appointment with the vaccine before, and I made an appointment with the HPV vaccine in the community two months ago with the mentality of trying. I didn’t expect to receive a phone call from the staff to get vaccinated yesterday, which was quite lucky.It is understood that Linhe district this batch of a total of 3000 injections of cervical cancer (HPV) bivalent vaccine, available for 1000 vaccinations.It has been distributed to eight health service centers in Linhe District, including Xianfeng Community Health Service Center, Tuanjie Community Health Service Center, Xinhua Community Health Service Center and Shuguang Hospital.If you want to be vaccinated against cervical cancer, you can contact your local health service center for consultation and appointment.If you have the need to get HPV vaccine, you can register, make an appointment and get vaccinated at the Protection Department of community Health Service Center of linhe District with your ID card.With the promotion of national health awareness, cervical cancer vaccine, which can effectively prevent human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, has attracted much attention among many women of the appropriate age.The nine-valent vaccine has been in short supply since its launch.But experts suggest that getting the HPV vaccine should be as early as possible, and waiting blindly for the nine-valent vaccine is a mistake.It is best to have an HPV (human papillomavirus) and TCT (cervical fluid based cells) test before getting the cervical cancer vaccine.Because HPV infection can lead to abnormal TCT results, vaccination should be performed after treatment.Although cervical cancer vaccine has many benefits, it is not suitable for pregnant women, pregnant women and lactating women.If pregnancy is detected during vaccination, the remaining vaccination should be completed after the lactation period.

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