Everything is ready for the return of the ka pepper!Lonzo ball scored 23+6+10 in the Clippers’ 25-point victory over the Hornets

A team derided throughout the league, one head coach away from a championship favorite!Paul, George and Leonard after two major league baseball’s top striker, clippers emerged as one of the most championship teams in the west, but in the pepper combination pairs first season, the playoffs are the nuggets on 1-3 of astonishing reversal, let the team became the laughing stock of the alliance, after the end of the season the team also and the king of the alliance be reversed rivers go their separate ways,Tryon Lou took office as the clippers fans mouth small bars of the new chief executive, to say the Lou guidance completely changed the arrival of the team’s temperament, the playoffs last season and this season’s regular season, the clippers for all fans to see their resilience and the heart of championship, in the two core injury under the condition of lack of war, still in the first eight ranking in the west,In the regular season, the Clippers defeated the Hornets 115-90, ending their two-game winning streak.Although just three goals in the season ball into the NBA’s second season, but he has demonstrated the potential of future growth for the league’s top backcourt, absolute technology and tactics of the core as the hornets, ball in the game and the clippers game also played a very personal data that grabs an eye, 37.5 minutes in the battle,Ball had 23 points, six rebounds, 10 assists and a steal, and didn’t commit a turnover, but the Clippers’ defense kept him from making eight of 19 shots and one of six from 3-point range.And Bauer’s performance to a great extent, can reflect the hornets on the offensive end how much I encountered resistance, although the match the hornets a total of up to six players scored in double figures, but the clippers great defensive oppression, they hit ratio is not high, the team’s shooting only 32.7%, 3-point percentage is only 23.5%,Visible Tailun Lu for the team defense system is very successful.In addition to the excellent performance on the defensive end, the clippers it also continues the tryon age landmark collective attack, the match they have a total of 12 players rotate, 11 of them has a score, although among five players scored in double figures, and no one has reached 20 points, but with a reasonable share the ball,The Clippers maintained their offensive efficiency, making 11 of 28 attempts from 3-point range to beat the Hornets.The clippers’ second-team scoring game was led by kenman Buckennard, who had a strong individual performance, hitting three 3-pointers off the bench to add 14 points, 10 rebounds and four assists.In tryon Lou, clippers role players this season, has won the recognition of all the fans, they now is everything, only to be card pepper mix Leonard and Paul George return, believe that there are two individual ability outstanding players, led by the clippers of the universal soldier’s very has a history of hope to win the team’s first championship trophy!

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