Yanqing Winter Olympic Village in a different New Year’s eve

Lovely ice pier pier and snow rong Rong, festive Chinese knot and hexagonal palace lanterns, delicious donkey rolling and Ai Wowo……On the New Year’s Eve, the Athletes and officials from all over the world will enjoy the charm of Chinese culture and spend an unforgettable Spring Festival in yanqing Winter Olympic Village with special Chinese New Year decorations and rich Chinese and Western food.These two days, Yanqing Winter Olympic village ushered in the arrival peak.On the morning of January 31, 14 people from 6 delegations from the Philippines, Timor-Leste, Monaco, Chile, Madagascar and France stayed in the village.In the afternoon, 92 people from 14 delegations from Latvia, Greece, Slovenia and Italy entered the village.At present, there are nearly 800 residents in the village.It was New Year’s Eve when the athletes arrived in the village.Each living group hung high Chinese hexagonal style palace lanterns, each athlete’s apartment is also pasted with couplets, the flavor of the New Year.At the entrance and exit of the athletes’ restaurant, the catering team set up bing Dwen Dwen and snow Rong Rong landscape statues in advance.Chinese knots and small lanterns are hung prominently in the dining room. Paper-cuts and window decorations with Chinese New Year flavor are also posted on the dining table. Pictures of Chinese New Year culture wall and snowflakes are displayed on the wall.What do athletes eat on New Year’s Eve?”On New Year’s Eve, it is natural to have dumplings, as well as Peking duck, a favorite dish of foreign friends.”Yanqing village restaurant related person in charge of introduction, in terms of dishes, the restaurant provides different fillings of dumplings, roast duck, as well as donkey roll, Ai Wo Wo and other Chinese characteristics of traditional snacks, to meet the taste needs of athletes from different countries.Red lanterns, paper-cuts on window cuts, and simple Spring Festival decorations have been set up in the village’s polyclinic.”During the Spring Festival, the clinic will provide basic outpatient services for 16 hours a day and round-the-clock emergency medical services.”Zongshi Li, head of the internal medicine group of the General clinic in Yanqing Village, revealed that when the staff arrived at the station at 11 PM, the team would have an online party with their colleagues on duty in the general clinic via video link. They would have a simple New Year’s Eve dinner, watch the Spring Festival Gala and wait for the clock to strike midnight together.Early in the morning, the staff of the media center also started busy, we put up the festive “Bing Dwen Dwen” poster at the door, decorated the table of the press workshop with simple tulips, the whole environment looks simple and warm.During the games, it will serve as the media center for accredited journalists and photographers.Life in the village is also interesting for the service workers.At 3:00 PM, a theme activity of “Guarding Haituo Age · Yanqing Winter Olympic Village New Villagers Win-win future” was held in the visitor center.”The smiling snow blossoms for the earth;Love falls on the palm, pure…”Chinese and foreign volunteers sang the Beijing Winter Olympics volunteer song “Burning Snowflakes” in 12 languages, beat drums to spread flowers and exchanged postcards anonymously. The venue was warm and lively.At the media center, volunteers write and post fu characters to welcome the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics.At 6 PM, yanqing Winter Olympic Village will also welcome the “Volunteer Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala”, volunteers will bring singing, traditional Chinese opera, ballet and other performances.(Source: Beijing Daily)

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