Xinjiang Emin County: Care for vulnerable groups, praise good fashion

This network xinjiang news (correspondent Guo Zhengcai editor good words Liu Yanmei) care for vulnerable groups, praise good fashion.On January 24, 2022, volunteers from Karamay City, Tacheng City, Emin County and Yumin County of Xinjiang, China Red Pioneers came to a village directly under Shanghu Town of Emin County to carry out the “Care for the Elderly, Sunshine Action” performance.At 11 o ‘clock in the morning, the volunteers of the Red Vanguard of China, together with the propaganda team of a village directly under the village, performed colorful programs for the elderly: “Volunteer March”, “Without the Communist Party there would be no New China”, “Unity is strength” and other red songs;Folk dance.Finally, to the music of the Kazakh classic dance song black Horse, volunteers and villagers interacted together, which pushed the activity to a climax.He Songxiang, secretary of the village branch, accompanied the Chinese Pioneers volunteers to visit the poverty-stricken families. The volunteers gave milk, flour and Spring Festival couplets to the lonely elderly and helped them cut their hair.”Thank you for coming, we are really happy,” they said excitedly.Town party committee member Munira printed with “love lights the lights of thousands of families” the banner presented to the Chinese red Vanguard volunteers.She spoke highly of the love and kindness of the Chinese Red Vanguard. She called on all villagers to join hands with the Vanguard volunteers to create a harmonious town and practice the red culture.To participate in the volunteer (in no particular order) : Yang Yin years, cui-rong zhang, wang DE, yu-ping dong, xiu-ling he, chun-yan xie, xiao-mei Lin, YanQing swing, hai-feng tang, Guo Zhengcai, gui-xiang wang, yu-ling li, Li Airui, jia qing pen, Zhang Shengzhi, Zhu Yongping, Zhu Yongmao, GengXianYun, Zhao Yuxia, YanJiangPing, often want to have, xiang-mei zhao, Lin Zhuo jade, a total of 23 people.(taken)

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