Wild octopus breaks into Marine museum!Net: Don’t want to try

Aquamarine Fukushima (ふ To be able to take part in lottery) aquarium in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, found a wild octopus in one of the filters on May 17.Aquamarine Fukushima has a seawater pipe that draws water from a distance of about three kilometers into the building. The pipe is fitted with filters to remove foreign matter and dust.At around 3 PM on 17th, when the staff was doing routine maintenance, they found a wild octopus in the filter about 300 to 400 meters away from the water inlet hole. To their surprise, “We often see broken seaweed or shells in the filter, but this is the first time to see a live octopus!”Fortunately, the octopus was not seriously injured and was taken back to the sea for release, but many people were amazed by the experience, with netizens replying “This is an octopus trap, octopuses seem to like tight Spaces” and “Does it want to give up trying?””Octopus: No more hunting!I want someone to bring me food directly.

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