Three need a lake emergency!A woman with a broken leg is carried to the table to play mahjong in Chongqing

Recently, a video of a woman in Chongqing with an injured leg being carried to the table to play mahjong has aroused online discussion, with some netizens joking that “as long as you have good hands, you can play mahjong.”February 11, Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter contacted the parties of the younger sister Ms. Li, in the face of the sister broke leg was carried on the mahjong table, Ms. Li said, “three short of a river’s lake emergency, said to play mahjong to cure all diseases, she is also willing to play.”Ms. Li introduced that she and her sister like to play mahjong, some time ago sister downstairs accidentally broke her leg, now are not good.On the afternoon of February 9, Ms. Li and relatives and friends ready to play mahjong, found less people, “three short of a river’s lake emergency, she is not leg pain?Say to play mahjong to all kinds of illness, she is also willing to play.”As her sister had trouble with her legs, they decided to carry her upstairs to the mah-jongg table and eagerly handed over cotton blankets to cover her feet.”My sister played mah-jong with all her heart.Her leg didn’t hurt any more, she didn’t drink a sip of water, she didn’t go to the toilet, she didn’t call from afternoon to night.””We played mahjong last night.”As for her sister’s love of mahjong, Ms. Li said with a smile, “My sister has the spirit of mahjong.Ms Li will two people carry her sister upstairs video sent to the Internet, causing users to pay attention to, some users said, “hardcore mahjong”, and users to share their own experience of playing mahjong, “their sick here uncomfortable there uncomfortable, playing mahjong will not hurt.”Source: Xiaoxiang Morning Post

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