The emotional freezing point has arrived!Repair market is expected to come today!

At present, the mood indicators are already the freezing point in the freezing point, the end of the fund began to take the first hand, is expected to this morning will be inertial kill, will slowly repair, this expectation to convey to you!Have fallen to this point, no longer pessimistic!Things go too far!There’s no big deal in this market!Steady can Spring Festival ahead of time!1 lithium: the market is not good, yesterday’s big rebound of lithium is also unequivocal direct adjustment!Lithium here in addition to gan Feng last night’s good performance outside the basic environmental color!In the morning, Tianqi was also driven by the gan front shock turned red, but in the afternoon with the plate eldest brother Ningde’s diving is also unable to bear the pressure turned green, do not panic too!The adjustment here is mainly affected by the environment, and adjust the shrinkage, the early adjustment has been in place!Not much room down there!Unless there are some more black swans.2. Energy storage: Direct adjustment!Yesterday strong jinlang, sunshine also did not how high, concussion for a while fell to adjust, last night also reminded everyone not to chase, direct adjustment is very normal!Yesterday the whole is shrinkage, but the capital also understand that this position has adjusted a round, are low chips, a lot of bottom is not willing to go out!Once the market picks up, this direction itself is oversold and easy to fix!3. Digital economy: Weak!I said yesterday, a few trading days ago, the capital will not launch a new subject matter, to make subject matter on the digital currency, yesterday was also weak, that behind the subject matter do not make!Leading gold mutual L early directly by the nuclear, there are repeated funds in the plate but ultimately also a big drop, the early strong Asian union, ji Shi chuan M is the limit, but Annie F promotion five board!After the data shows the pattern of hot capital party new xia continue to buy, chapter alliance is retreat!I told you it was over at midday!This stupid market don’t talk about pattern!Steady before also don’t go, say again after the year!4. Health care: Start warning risks on weekends and don’t go before the year!Nine an open limit, intraday funds try to repair, but the environment is too weak, and was pressed back!After the plate dragon tiger list shows that we are the bravest Lhasa approach!Let me remind you again, this ticket 88.88 is the top, the mid-term breakthrough is not possible!Don’t gamble on a few points!Essence Y is also eat board!Neither of these can do plate also need not see!Some friends may say that YQ may ferment during Spring Festival. Is this logic valid?Set up!But it’s done!Just like in those days, YQ is still going on, and the mask unit has been ignored!5. Green power: The plate index broke down!Basic is the whole line floating green, yesterday the weight of the three Gorges is stabilising signs, but yesterday the market collapsed, the capital is also no matter 372 on the fierce hit, Huaneng is also to break the trend, in the face of this sudden black swan technical side is useless, can only look at the market mood!But the logic of green electricity is still established, after the big leaders also shout again to develop carbon neutral, clean energy!After waiting for the market panic plate will be repaired, how to go or how to go!I recently also said, although this I am optimistic, but before the year also do not plan to enter, after see again!6. Baijiu: the plate index fell below the level!Although weight eldest brother Maotai hard support, but the younger brothers have been scared to pee!In the face of peripheral risk liquor is not fragrant, only the gold plate has changed, but the value of participation is not big!Liquor plate this wave of adjustment is basically A kill down, short-term oversold, the follow-up rebound is expected.Can only say yesterday this kind of market what plate are not sweet!After the fen Wine out of the performance, the growth of the fourth quarter slowed down, but the recent adjustment of the probability has reacted in advance, but now the overlay of peripheral uncertainty, specific to see the attitude of funds today!

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