Hunan Daily | Anxiang County: accurate hair force to help enterprises recruit real recruit stable post

At the beginning of the New Year, in order to further stabilize employment, ensure employment and promote development, the Party Committee and government of Anxiang County mobilized all townships and units in the county and enterprises in the park to carry out the “100-day action to stabilize employment”, and adopted multiple measures to recruit more than 2,000 new employees for enterprises in the park.Optimize services to promote employment.The county has set up a “100-day battle” front-line service station to provide one-stop services such as job registration, policy consultation and employment guidance.Set up a leading group for stable recruitment, regularly schedule work, interview and notify departments and units with slow progress and unsatisfactory recruitment, and supervise and urge the implementation of recruitment tasks.The upper and lower levels help recruit workers.County leaders take the lead in the package, county direct departments of the township, county leaders according to the division of labor, to the joint units and towns of the recruitment work, personally supervise, personally dispatch, compaction responsibility, promote the township and departments of the units together.At present, the county is the key employment enterprises to send the actual number of 701 people on duty, has signed the employment recommendation form to be on duty 730 people.Formulate policies to stabilize posts and retain workers.In order to further guide migrant workers to return to their hometowns for employment and reserve sufficient labor resources for enterprises in the park, Anxiang County has issued a series of incentives for stable employment.For example, a “green channel” for medical treatment will be opened, special registration and payment Windows will be set up, and priority will be given to arranging medical treatment for workers in the park.We will provide housing rental subsidies and house purchase privileges, and ensure that all migrant workers who meet the security requirements are covered.For the children of migrant workers, the principle of “relatively nearby” is adopted to ensure that the children of migrant workers in the county “should read all”.(Shi Xiaohui) [Edited by: Cao Xiaolin][Source: Hunan Daily]

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